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Program Themes for Cub Scouts

Cub Scout leaders frequently use themes to enhance their programs. These themes serve as anchors for meetings, activities, and badge pursuits, offering a central topic for each gathering. Choosing the right theme is crucial. It not only improves the Cub Scout experience but also acts as a teaching aid, introducing them to diverse subjects and principles.

Many themes have been rolled out over the years, earning the affection of both Scout leaders and members. Ranging from nature themes to those spotlighting specific abilities or ideals, there’s surely a theme to cater to every curiosity.

Incorporating a theme isn’t just about adhering to a plan. It involves innovation, drawing parallels, and ensuring the content makes sense to the Cub Scouts. Below you will find a long list of Cub Scout themes, aiming to inspire you and aid you in planning. Whether you’re seasoned or a novice in the world of Scouting, there’s something here for you.

Use these themes to add a spark to meetings. They can rally families to participate more and experiment with new tasks. Prepping for a pack meeting becomes simpler when you have a theme guiding you. Themes can also be used for events like the Blue and Gold banquet or the Webelos crossover ceremony. And at times, having a consistent theme for year-end celebrations adds a touch of fun.

The listed themes are categorized to diversify the content throughout the year, ensuring a broad appeal.

Why Use Program Themes for Cub Scouts?

Cub Scout program themes make meetings and activities more fun and organized. By using themes, Scout leaders can plan events that are both exciting and educational. These themes help Scouts learn about different topics, from nature to important life skills. They also make it easier for leaders to come up with creative ideas and keep things fresh. Plus, having a theme can get families more involved and eager to participate. Overall, themes add a special touch to the Cub Scout experience, making it memorable for everyone.

Culture Cub Scout Themes

Passport to Other Lands

Passport to Other Lands Cub Scout Theme (Respect)

The “Passport to Other Lands” theme for Cub Scouts emphasizes the core value of respect. The theme aims to increase understanding and respect for people of various nationalities in our communities. Scouts are encouraged to learn about the customs, religions, foods, and traditions of people from different countries, highlighting the importance of showing regard for the worth of someone or something. The meeting plan includes activities like a word search about other lands, a “Respect” opening ceremony, songs related to the theme, games from different countries, and den demonstrations about diverse cultures. The session concludes with a closing ceremony that teaches saying goodbye in multiple languages.

Holiday Lights Pack Meeting

Holiday Lights Cub Scout Theme

The “Holiday Lights” theme for Cub Scouts concentrates on teaching respect through understanding various holiday traditions related to lights. Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa use lights symbolically. Scouts demonstrate respect by sharing and learning about these traditions. Activities such as visiting nursing homes or children’s wards and singing holiday songs are encouraged, as are service projects like toy drives or dessert potlucks to celebrate diverse holiday treats.

My Family Tree

Cub Scout Theme – My Family Tree (Reverent)

The “My Family Tree” Cub Scout theme emphasizes the value of faith, highlighting trust in a higher power and the inner strength it provides. This theme teaches Scouts about their ancestors and their journey to the U.S., often by boat, symbolizing their faith in a brighter future. Activities include a Raingutter Regatta, where Scouts make boats from household items, and games focused on global exploration. The meeting also features family-themed ceremonies, skits, songs, and cheers. Scouts get to explore their heritage, participate in interviews about faith, and conclude with ceremonies celebrating family and unity.

Native American Cub Scout Theme

Native American Cub Scout Theme

The “Native American” Cub Scout theme emphasizes understanding and appreciation of Native American culture. Introduced to connect Scouts with nature and heritage amidst rapid industrialization, it aimed to remind them of a harmonious way of life. However, it’s crucial to avoid cultural appropriation and stereotypes. To ensure respect for Native American traditions, Scouts should ensure accurate cultural representation, promote understanding, acknowledge the original inhabitants, and teach cultural appreciation. Activities include a Native American prayer, traditional games like Hubbub and Pahsahëman, crafting a tabletop tipi, and learning stories. Highlighting figures like Sacagawea underscores the importance of Native American contributions to American history.

History Cub Scout Themes

turn back the clock

Turn Back the Clock Cub Scout Theme

The “Turn Back the Clock” theme for Cub Scouts focuses on the value of resourcefulness throughout history. By looking at different time periods like the Ice Age, Wild West, Space Age, and the 1950s, Scouts learn how people used available resources to improve their lives. The meeting plan has activities like a word search that doubles as a placemat, an opening ceremony on resourcefulness, songs, den skits, and a Mad Libs-style audience participation game. The program emphasizes recognizing resourceful achievements and wraps up with a Cubmaster Minute on resourcefulness and a closing ceremony.

Head West Young Scout

Head West Young Scout Theme

The updated “Head West Young Scout” theme for Cub Scouts focuses on perseverance and the Scout Law points: Brave, Thrifty, and Helpful. This theme teaches Scouts about the bravery pioneers showed when heading west, with activities like outdoor skills training and hikes. The thrifty aspect highlights the pioneers’ resourcefulness, teaching Scouts to use resources wisely through activities like making shelters and open-fire cooking. Emphasizing teamwork, the helpful component encourages Scouts to collaborate and serve their communities. Overall, this theme inspires Scouts to understand perseverance and develop valuable skills for their futures.

Heroes in History Cub Scout Theme

Heroes in History Cub Scout Theme

The “Heroes in History” pack meeting plan introduces Cub Scouts to the concept of honesty through historical figures. This theme ties closely with the Scout Law, specifically the quality of being “trustworthy.” Scouts participate in activities and games that focus on the honest actions of well-known heroes, learning how these figures used honesty to overcome challenges and lead by example.

The plan includes interactive elements like matching games and storytelling, making learning both fun and educational. Parents are encouraged to join to help reinforce these values. This meeting plan is a great way for Scouts to see the importance of honesty in action.

Go for the Gold Cub Scout Theme

The “Go for the Gold” Cub Scout theme is centered around perseverance, teaching Scouts the importance of commitment and determination. Drawing inspiration from gold miners of the past, the theme emphasizes sticking to tasks, even when challenging. Activities include games like “How Many Nuggets in the Bag” and “Four Ways to Get There,” songs related to gold-seeking, and various cheers and skits. Scouts will also participate in activities such as “Panning for Gold” and an obstacle course called “Forty-Niners.” The meeting concludes with ceremonies like the “Prospector recognition” and a “Gold Mining Cubmaster Minute.” The idea is to help Scouts understand the value of perseverance through fun and engaging activities.

Cubs in Shining Armor Theme

The “Cubs in Shining Armor” theme focuses on honor, service, and courtesy. Drawing inspiration from knights, the theme emphasizes the importance of good manners and getting along with others. Knights are known for their quests, chivalry, and codes of conduct, making them a perfect symbol for teaching Scouts about being courteous. The old English word “courteous” even originates from the time of knights. Activities for this theme might include summer service projects or fun “quest scavenger hunts.” Overall, the aim is for Cub Scouts to embody the virtues of a knight, showing courtesy and respect in their daily interactions.

Health and Fitness Cub Scout Themes

Cub Cafe Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

Cub Cafe Cub Scout Theme

The “Cub Cafe” Cub Scout theme is centered around health, nutrition, and fitness. It emphasizes the importance of making healthy choices to care for our minds and bodies. Activities for this theme encourage Scouts to learn about nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet. The meeting might include a word search on types of apples, a campfire-themed opening ceremony, songs related to healthy eating, and audience participation games about cooking. Dens might showcase health-related demonstrations, and the meeting can conclude with ceremonies recognizing health achievements. If extra activities are needed, Scouts can prepare a healthy snack, reinforcing the theme’s focus on nutrition.

cycling theme for cub scouts

Cycling Cub Scout Theme

The “Bike Rodeo” Cub Scout theme focuses on bicycle safety and cycling activities. Packs considering a bike rodeo can introduce various stations for Scouts to rotate through. Activities include a bicycle safety crossword puzzle to discuss safe cycling, a craft where Scouts can make personalized bike “license plates”, and special bike-themed applauses, cheers, and songs. Scouts also learn the importance of proper helmet fitting, not just for them but for adults as well. There’s emphasis on bike maintenance with resources on bike repair tips and a detailed bike inspection checklist. Additionally, snack ideas related to the theme, like Pepperoni Crescent Wheels and homemade energy bars, are introduced, along with a cost-effective DIY sports drink recipe.

cub scout hiking

Hiking Cub Scout Theme

Before hiking, Cub Scouts are taught the Outdoor Code, which promotes cleanliness, fire safety, consideration, and conservation. Hiking safety guidelines are vital, especially since Cub Scouts are limited to front country hiking, like parks. While hiking, activities are available to ensure Scouts appreciate their surroundings and don’t just focus on reaching the destination. Trail food ideas include energy-rich trail mix, homemade energy bars (peanut-free), and DIY sports drinks. A fun project is crafting a hiking stick, allowing Scouts to use their pocketknives under supervision. The theme also introduces the song “Take Me Out to the Forest”.

health and fitness

Health and Fitness Cub Scout Theme

The “Health and Fitness” theme in Cub Scouting emphasizes the importance of keeping both mind and body clean and fit. Scouts learn the significance of a healthy diet and incorporating fitness into their daily routines. The program provides specific health and fitness activities for each age group. Some additional ideas include completing Cub Scout fitness achievements, exploring sports-related activities like soccer and baseball, and inviting local athletes or marathon runners to share their experiences. Packs can also organize a field day with various competitions, mixing different age groups and encouraging parental participation for an inclusive experience.

Aquatics Cub Scout Theme

The Aquatics theme in Cub Scouting offers fun and educational activities centered around water safety and enjoyment. Scouts learn about “Safe Swim Defense” rules and the “SCOUT” water safety chant to ensure safe swimming. They also take the BSA swim test to assess their swimming skills and learn various water rescue techniques. Fun games like “Sharks and Minnows” and “Piranha Ball” make learning engaging. Crafts include making pool totes and fish from old CDs, promoting recycling. Scouts can also enjoy shark-shaped popsicles. The theme incorporates songs like the humorous “My Turtle Swims Sideways” and the classic “Jaws Song”, also known as the “Baby Shark Song”.

Cub Scout Theme for Courage and Hiking

The Cub Scout theme focuses on the value of courage, which means being brave and doing the right thing despite fears or challenges. Scouts can learn about the “Courage steps” for handling difficult situations: Be brave, be calm, be clear, and be careful. Activities include learning first aid skills, trying new things, role-playing tough scenarios, and discussing the bravery of astronauts. Service projects can also highlight courage, like helping those in need or supporting military members. The pack meeting plan related to courage emphasizes hiking. It offers various themed hikes, tips, and ceremonies to instill bravery in Scouts while enjoying the outdoors.

Over the Horizon Cub Scout Theme

The Cub Scout theme “Over the Horizon” emphasizes the value of perseverance, teaching Scouts the importance of commitment and not giving up, especially when faced with challenges like hiking. Scouts are encouraged to set goals and look forward to what’s next on their journey. This hiking-themed program offers various activities and ceremonies that revolve around the theme. The pack meeting plan includes making trail mix, mountain trail openings, prayers about conservation, hiking-related games, songs, skits, and ceremonies. Through these activities, the idea is to instill in Cub Scouts the essence of perseverance as they navigate their Scouting path.

Destination Parks Cub Scout Theme (Health and Fitness)

The “Destination Parks” theme for Cub Scouts focuses on health and fitness through outdoor activities. Scouts are encouraged to visit local parks and engage in activities like walking, hiking, and biking to promote physical well-being. The theme emphasizes the benefits of nature exploration while keeping fit. The related pack meeting plan provides various activities centered around this theme. It includes games like “Kim’s Game for a Hike,” ceremonies like “Four Directions,” audience participation stories, songs, and appreciation gestures like “Big Bear Hug applause.” All these activities aim to blend the fun of outdoor adventures with the importance of health and fitness.

STEM Cub Scout Themes

Science Cub Scout Theme

The “Science Theme” for Cub Scouts encourages young scouts to delve into the wonders of science, almost like magic to them. This theme introduces them to various STEM activities, ranging from air pressure demonstrations where they play with balloons, to surprising experiments like the Ziploc Bag vs. Pencil test. Scouts get to witness the mystery of invisible ink, understand Newton’s law of motion through an inertia demonstration, and even make their own silly putty. Other hands-on activities include growing sugar crystals and making model dough for creative exploration. Basic scientific concepts, like the scientific method and the water cycle, are also explained, ensuring a comprehensive, fun-filled science experience for the scouts.

Invention Convention Cub Scout Theme

The “Invention Convention” theme for Cub Scouts focuses on the value of resourcefulness, tying it to the Scout Law point of “Thrifty.” This plan encourages Cub Scouts to embrace their creativity and imagination, emphasizing that with dedication, anyone can become an inventor. The activities within this theme, ranging from a “Lightbulb” Opening Ceremony to an Inventions Contest, are designed to foster a sense of innovation. Songs, cheers, and activities all revolve around inventions, genius, and creativity. By engaging in these activities, Cub Scouts learn that with a great idea and the right mindset, the possibilities are endless.

Litter to Glitter Cub Scout Theme

The “Litter to Glitter” theme by BSA teaches Cub Scouts about resourcefulness. The program emphasizes the importance of using resources to their full potential, reducing waste, and repurposing old items into new, useful objects. For instance, an empty tissue box can be reused to store recyclable bags. This theme not only promotes being thrifty but also highlights the importance of recycling for the well-being of our planet. Activities within this theme, such as recycling puzzles and the “Trash Monster” audience participation, are geared toward understanding and valuing resourcefulness. The ultimate message is transforming what’s considered as ‘litter’ into something valuable or ‘glitter’.

Space: The New Frontier – Cub Scout Theme

The “Space: The New Frontier” theme inspires Cub Scouts to imagine and explore, fueling their interest in science and engineering. This theme ties in with the core value of courage, emphasizing the bravery required to explore new frontiers and face the unknown, similar to how astronauts explore space. Just as astronauts show courage in their explorations, Cub Scouts display bravery in their Scouting journey, facing challenges and growing stronger. Activities within this theme, like the Planet Quiz and the Planets Skit, delve into the wonders of space while also highlighting the importance of being brave and curious in our own endeavors.

Personal Development Cub Scout Themes

Be Aware and Care Pack Meeting

Be Aware and Care Cub Scout Theme

The “Be Aware and Care” theme teaches Cub Scouts about compassion, tying into the Scout Law’s value of being Kind. Compassion means understanding and feeling for the struggles of others. Through this theme, Scouts are reminded to consider the needs of every creature on Earth, recognizing our interconnectedness. As a result, they’re encouraged to adopt habits like conservation, recycling, and following the principles of Leave No Trace. Activities under this theme, like the Survival Game and Magic Mud Skit, emphasize the importance of understanding nature and all its inhabitants. Scouts learn to extend kindness and empathy not just to people, but to our environment and all living creatures.

Soaring the Skies Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

Soaring the Skies Cub Scout Theme (Reverent)

The “Soaring the Skies” theme teaches Cub Scouts about faith, linking to the Scout Law’s principle of being reverent. Faith means trusting in a higher power, providing inner strength and confidence. Just as one must have faith in every aspect of an airplane journey – from the pilots to the instruments – and trust that they’ll land safely, Scouts are reminded that faith is essential in life’s adventures. Activities, such as paper airplane landings and the Airplane Skit, emphasize the importance of trust and belief. The theme underscores that faith gives courage to reach high goals and should be present in every part of our lives.

Yes I Can Cub Scout Theme

The “Yes I Can” theme encourages Cub Scouts to maintain a positive attitude in all they do. Whether it’s homework, Cub Scout tasks, or daily chores, approaching challenges with a “Yes I Can” mindset makes tasks more enjoyable and manageable. The activities, ranging from Challenge cards to a “We Can Do It” opening ceremony, reinforce the importance of staying positive. The meeting plan includes songs, prayers, and demonstrations all centered around cultivating a positive attitude. Scouts are reminded that with the right mindset, they can tackle any obstacle and achieve their goals.

Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan – Dollars and Sense

The “Dollars and Sense” theme focuses on teaching Cub Scouts about responsibility, particularly with money. It emphasizes understanding how money works and the responsibilities that come with managing it. Activities like “Name that Slogan” and “Three in a Row challenge” are designed to engage the Scouts while reinforcing the importance of financial responsibility. The meeting plan includes opening ceremonies, prayers, skits, and songs all centered on the theme. Scouts also participate in games and challenges that stress the value of money. Through these activities, Scouts learn the importance of being both trustworthy and thrifty in their financial dealings.

Cub Scouts Give Thanks Cub Scout Theme

The “Cub Scouts Give Thanks” Cub Scout theme focuses on gratitude, particularly during the spring season when nature renews itself. The theme emphasizes the importance of being thankful for the world around us, including nature, family, and friends. It also touches on faith, emphasizing the belief that nature rejuvenates every year and the importance of relying on a higher power. The meeting plan has various activities like a gathering activity related to thankfulness, songs, and demonstrations all revolving around the central theme of gratitude and faith. Through these activities, Cub Scouts are reminded to appreciate the world around them and express their gratitude regularly.

Gives Goodwill Cub Scout Theme

The “Gives Goodwill” theme encourages Cub Scouts to focus on citizenship and service. Through various activities and games, they learn the importance of helping those in need, especially during colder months. The theme emphasizes that being a good citizen means showing responsibility and providing service at local, state, and national levels. The activities include a “Stay Warm” drive service project and games like Blanket Tic-Tac-Toe. They also have ceremonies and songs that reinforce the idea of goodwill and citizenship. This Cub Scout theme reminds Cub Scouts of the Law of the Pack, emphasizing the phrase “gives goodwill,” and the importance of being helpful to others.

Kids Against Crime Cub Scout Theme

The “Kids Against Crime” theme from BSA teaches Cub Scouts about crime prevention through the lens of honesty. Rather than focusing on the dishonesty that leads to crime, this theme emphasizes the importance of being truthful and trustworthy. Activities in the plan include a maze about honesty, an opening ceremony that spells out honesty, and a visit from a police officer to reinforce the theme. Scouts also take a pledge to stand against crime and participate in a recognition ceremony centered on a detective’s shield. The meeting ends with an “Honesty Cubmaster Minute” and a group song, emphasizing unity and truthfulness.

Cub Scout Themes for the Arts

Lights, Camera, Action Cub Scout Theme

The “Lights, Camera, Action!” Cub Scout theme emphasizes the value of a positive attitude. This theme uses the idea of a red carpet event to make every Cub Scout feel important and celebrated. The BSA plan suggests connecting screen time to promoting positivity and good values. During the meeting, Scouts participate in red carpet interviews, an icebreaker based on the Jungle Book, various cheers, and a skit that involves audience participation. There’s also a song to the tune of “Three Blind Mice” and den skits. The meeting culminates in an awards show ceremony and a “Shining Star” Cubmaster Minute, which emphasizes the theme of shining positivity.

Abracadabra Cub Scout Theme

The “Abracadabra” Cub Scout theme emphasizes magic and maintaining a positive attitude. BSA’s meeting plan for this theme teaches Cub Scouts that while learning something new, like magic tricks, can be challenging, it’s essential to keep a positive “I think I can” mindset instead of giving up. This theme encourages persistence and turning challenges into successes. Activities for the meeting include various magic tricks and optical illusions, such as card houses, disappearing water, and balanced sugar cubes. The meeting also has several magic-themed applauses, cheers, and run-ons, an “Amazing Three-In-One” song, and ceremonies that tie into the magic theme.

Under the Big Top Cub Scout Theme

The “Under the Big Top” Cub Scout theme focuses on cooperation. Inspired by the circus, where everyone must work in harmony to ensure a successful show, this theme teaches Cub Scouts the importance of teamwork. BSA’s meeting plan for this theme draws parallels between the coordinated efforts of circus workers and how Cub Scouts should cooperate to put on their own “Under the Big Top” show. The activities proposed for this theme include circus-related games such as “Monkey in the Trees” and “Ball Duck Race.” The meeting also has ceremonies, den demonstrations, and a skit, all emphasizing the value of cooperation.

Citizenship Cub Scout Themes

Fifty Great States

Fifty Great States Cub Scout Theme (Citizenship)

The “Fifty Great States” Cub Scout theme focuses on citizenship. Using the backdrop of the fifty states of the U.S., the program emphasizes the importance of service and responsibility at local, state, and national levels. BSA’s meeting plan teaches Cub Scouts about citizenship by highlighting respect for the flag and community service. Activities in this theme include matching states with their mottos and singing patriotic songs like “America (My Country ’Tis of Thee).” The meeting also discusses the importance of freedom and the accompanying responsibilities, reinforcing the idea that being a good citizen is essential at every level of community.

your vote counts

Your Vote Counts Cub Scout Theme

The “Your Vote Counts” Cub Scout theme emphasizes the value of citizenship, particularly the significance of voting and patriotism. BSA’s meeting plan instills respect and loyalty to the country and its democratic principles. It educates Cub Scouts about the importance of staying informed, voting, and volunteering as responsibilities of good citizenship. While the Scouts are too young to vote, they are taught the importance of this civic duty. The meeting includes various activities related to citizenship, like a snack choice voting booth, games about iconic American symbols, and the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner. Demonstrations and discussions about the Constitution further highlight the theme of citizenship.

American eagle with flag

USA Cub Scout Theme

The USA Cub Scout theme educates Scouts about American citizenship, teaching them about national symbols like the U.S. flag and the importance of community involvement. Through lessons on flag etiquette and U.S. history, Scouts develop a deep respect for their country and learn the responsibilities of being a citizen.

The theme includes interactive activities and community service projects, helping Scouts put into practice the values they learn. By participating in this theme, Scouts enhance their understanding of how to actively contribute to and improve their communities, embodying the Scout Law by being helpful, kind, and respectful.

Hometown Heroes Cub Scout Theme

The “Hometown Heroes” Cub Scout theme focuses on the value of cooperation. This theme highlights how local heroes, like firefighters, police officers, and military members, work together to improve and safeguard our communities. The BSA plan emphasizes that cooperation is essential in achieving common goals, as shown by examples from our founding fathers to the space program. Activities in this theme include identifying heroes, celebrating American heroes, interactive games, and even inviting a local hero to speak to the Scouts. By understanding how these heroes cooperate, Scouts learn the importance of teamwork and the role it plays in community betterment.

Stars and Stripes Cub Scout Theme

The “Stars and Stripes” Cub Scout meeting plan by BSA emphasizes the value of respect, particularly towards the American flag. Respect means valuing something or someone’s worth. The flag is not just an object; it symbolizes the nation and is seen as a living entity. Showing respect for the flag means valuing what it stands for. Activities in this plan help Scouts understand this concept. It includes a flag quiz, ceremonies focused on flag respect, a prayer, audience participation, and den demonstrations. The meeting concludes with a flag folding ceremony, emphasizing the theme of respect throughout.

Ideas for Cub Scout Pack Meeting on Citizenship

Citizenship is a key focus in Cub Scouts, promoting responsibility and service to communities at different levels. Cub Scouts learn about respecting the flag and contributing to their local, state, and national communities. Ideas for incorporating citizenship into pack meetings include teaching Scouts how to handle the flag, conducting flag retirement ceremonies, organizing food or clothing drives, writing letters to military personnel, and participating in local park clean-up efforts. These activities instill values of good citizenship, responsibility, and community service among Cub Scouts.

Another Citizenship Pack Meeting Plan

This Cub Scout pack meeting plan centers on citizenship and respect for the U.S. Constitution and flag. It includes activities to engage Scouts in learning about American history, especially the creation of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and subsequent amendments. Scouts participate in a mock election to understand the importance of voting and debate who gets a cream pie in the face for fun. Games and skits, such as the US Flag Game and “Don’t Tread on Me,” promote teamwork and entertainment. The meeting concludes with a solemn flag retirement ceremony, emphasizing respect for the flag and our nation’s history.

Games and Sports

Amazing Games Cub Scout Theme

The “Amazing Games” pack meeting plan revolves around the theme of cooperation through playing games. Scouts learn that games involve rules, taking turns, and working together towards a common goal. Cooperation is highlighted as essential for games to flow smoothly and end as intended. Through playing various games, Cub Scouts discover the importance of working together and cooperating effectively. This theme encourages teamwork and teaches valuable life skills that they can apply in other aspects of their lives. The meeting plan includes engaging activities, an opening ceremony, prayers, demonstrations, audience participation, and recognition ceremonies to reinforce the concept of cooperation.

Play Ball – Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

The “Play Ball” Cub Scout pack meeting plan combines the excitement of baseball with the value of honesty. Scouts participate in various activities related to America’s pastime while learning about the importance of honesty, especially when playing games. The plan emphasizes that even in the heat of competition, a Cub Scout must always tell the truth and be trustworthy. This theme encourages scouts to uphold the value of honesty while enjoying the game of baseball with their friends. The meeting plan includes engaging activities, an opening ceremony, a prayer, songs, run-ons, den demonstrations, recognition ceremonies, and a closing ceremony to reinforce the concept of honesty.

Classic Outdoor Games Cub Scout Theme

The Classic Outdoor Games theme for Cub Scouts offers a dose of nostalgia and active fun. It reintroduces timeless outdoor games that never lose their appeal. These games provide a fantastic way to engage Cub Scouts in physical activities while having a blast. Some games, like Ladder Toss, Washer Toss, Spike Ball, Kubb, and Corn Hole, can be purchased or crafted easily. Others require no special equipment, making them accessible and affordable. Classic games such as Kick the Can, Steal the Bacon, Spud, Capture the Flag, and Red Light Green Light are included, offering a variety of options to choose from, ensuring an enjoyable and active meeting.

Backyard Fun Cub Scout Theme

The Backyard Fun Cub Scout pack meeting plan promotes health and fitness among Cub Scouts and their families. It encourages outdoor activities in the backyard, fostering physical fitness while enjoying the open air. By organizing pack meetings outdoors, it aims to steer young Scouts away from excessive screen time and sedentary habits. The plan includes a range of engaging activities like sock softball, obstacle courses, races, disc golf, puzzles, and more. These activities not only promote fitness but also teamwork and fun. By emphasizing the importance of outdoor play, the plan aligns with the Scouting goal of encouraging physical well-being and outdoor exploration.

Nature and Animals

Down on the Farm Cub Scout Theme

The Down on the Farm Cub Scout pack theme centers on instilling the core value of responsibility in young Scouts. It emphasizes the duties of a farmer, highlighting their role as responsible caretakers of crops and animals. By drawing parallels between a farmer’s responsibilities and the Cub Scouts’ responsibilities in their Pack, the plan encourages young Scouts to recognize the importance of responsibility in their own lives. The activities include a matching game, opening ceremony, prayers, audience participation, and demonstrations. Through these activities, Cub Scouts learn about the significance of taking responsibility for their actions, fostering a sense of duty to God, country, and themselves.

Under the Sea Cub Scout Theme

The Under the Sea Cub Scout meeting plan delves into the theme of courage by exploring the uncharted depths of the oceans. It emphasizes the bravery required to venture into unknown territory and the importance of doing what’s right, even when faced with challenges. Through activities like an ocean-themed word search puzzle, the Captain Courage opening ceremony, and various run-ons and demonstrations, Cub Scouts learn about courage and its connection to responsible exploration and stewardship of our planet’s last earthly frontier—the oceans. This theme encourages young Scouts to be courageous in both their actions and their commitment to preserving the natural world.

Pet Pals Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

The Pet Pals Cub Scout theme centers on the core value of compassion, emphasizing care and concern for the well-being of others, including animals. This theme encourages scouts to extend their compassion to pets and animals. Activities such as Pet Bingo, an opening ceremony highlighting the importance of always doing one’s best, and a compassion prayer set the tone. The meeting plan includes engaging elements like pet run-ons, welcoming songs, and an animal rescue speaker to educate scouts about the importance of caring for animals. A pet supply drive and a recognition ceremony for rescue dogs further reinforce the value of compassion.

Jungle of Fun Cub Scout Theme

The Jungle of Fun Cub Scout meeting plan centers on the core value of responsibility, highlighting its importance within society. Drawing inspiration from the Jungle Book story, the theme showcases how Akela, Baloo, and other jungle creatures take responsibility for Mowgli’s safety and education, integrating him as a responsible member of their pack. This narrative reflects the Cub Scout Law of the Pack, emphasizing the shared responsibility of leaders, parents, and Scouts for the pack’s success. The meeting plan also connects the theme to contemporary society’s responsibility to conserve and protect natural habitats, aligning with the principles of the Outdoor Code. Activities, cheers, songs, and ceremonies reinforce these concepts.

Planting Seeds of Kindness Cub Scout Theme

The Cub Scout theme “Planting Seeds of Kindness” centers on compassion, teaching young scouts the importance of kindness, patience, and consideration for others. Compassion is described as having a generous heart and demonstrating genuine concern through thoughts, words, and actions towards people, animals, the environment, and the community. Cub Scouts are encouraged to understand kindness through the analogy of seeds growing into food or flowers. They are prompted to cultivate small acts of kindness in their thoughts, words, and deeds, with the hope that these acts will spread to others and foster a culture of kindness and compassion within their community. Activities, ceremonies, and cheers reinforce these concepts.

Core Values

Pack Meeting Respect

Ideas for a Pack Meeting about Respect

The Cub Scout theme “Respect” emphasizes teaching young scouts the importance of showing regard for the worth of someone or something. It aligns with the Scout Law points of “courteous” and “reverent.” Cub Scouts are encouraged to develop an appreciation and respect for various families and traditions within their pack. They also engage in service projects to learn about treating the environment with care. Suggestions for incorporating this theme into the Pack program include making cards or ornaments for shut-ins, participating in environmental and charitable activities, inviting speakers from different cultures and faiths to discuss holiday traditions, and exploring various December holiday celebrations to promote understanding and respect for diversity.


Pack Meeting Ideas for Resourcefulness

The Cub Scout theme of “Resourcefulness” focuses on teaching young scouts the value of using available resources to their fullest potential. This includes human resources and materials. Scouts are encouraged to gain knowledge and develop the skills to effectively address various situations, whether working on service projects or den activities. To incorporate resourcefulness into the Cub Scout program, ideas include honoring adult leaders and Den Chiefs as valuable human resources, studying famous inventors who creatively used available materials, conducting 3-D self-portrait craft projects with recycled items, solving problems using teamwork and materials, and engaging in service projects such as collecting books for those in need while promoting conservation and responsible use of natural resources.

Ideas for Pack Meeting about Perseverance

The Cub Scout theme of “Perseverance” encourages young scouts to develop the skill of sticking with tasks and challenges even when they become difficult. To incorporate this theme into pack meetings, various activities are suggested. These include engaging in mazes as a gathering activity, organizing strategy game tournaments like chess and checkers to encourage forward thinking and focus, playing challenging games such as the Human Knot or I Can Do That with One Hand Tied Behind My Back, planning a fishing outing to teach patience, and conducting outdoor scavenger hunts where scouts must persevere in finding numerous items on a list. These activities help instill the value of persistence in Cub Scouts.

Ideas for a Pack Meeting about Faith

The Cub Scout theme of “Faith” emphasizes the value of being reverent and having inner strength and confidence based on trust in God. Incorporating faith into Cub Scout programs can be tailored to the chartered organization’s beliefs. Suggestions for faith-based activities include organizing a service project, conducting a “church hike” to explore different places of worship in the neighborhood, and promoting participation in Cub Scout religious emblem programs that cater to a wide range of faiths. For example, Catholic units can explore specialized programs like the Rosary series or the Footsteps of the American Saints series. The aim is to instill values of faith and reverence in young scouts.

Ideas for Pack Meeting on Honesty

The Cub Scout theme of “Honesty” emphasizes the core value of telling the truth and being worthy of trust. It closely aligns with the Scout Law’s principle of being trustworthy. Cub Scouts learn that honesty means refusing to lie, cheat, or steal in any situation. To incorporate this theme into pack meetings, activities can include fishing outings, discussing the importance of following fishing regulations, visiting news outlets to understand honesty in reporting, inviting professionals from the digital media industry to address issues like piracy, and engaging in games like Steal the Bacon or Tell It Like It Isn’t to reinforce the concept of honesty in a fun and educational way.

Pack Meeting Ideas for Compassion

The Cub Scout theme of “Compassion” centers on teaching Cub Scouts to be kind, considerate, and concerned about the well-being of others. It encourages them to think about the experiences and challenges faced by others, fostering empathy and understanding. To incorporate this theme, activities such as inviting individuals with disabilities to share their experiences, demonstrations with assistance dogs, and playing games that simulate challenges faced by people with special needs are suggested. These activities aim to help Cub Scouts develop compassion by putting themselves in others’ shoes and learning to offer a helping hand to those in need.


Ideas for Pack Meeting – Cooperation

Cooperation is a fundamental aspect of Cub Scouting, teaching young Scouts vital life skills. It involves working together, supporting one another, and achieving shared goals. To integrate cooperation into the pack’s program, engaging cooperative games like the Elbow Balloon Pass, Human Knot, Caterpillar Race, Guide Me, and I Can Do That With One Hand Tied Behind My Back are recommended. Inviting community role models like firefighters and policemen can emphasize the importance of teamwork and safety. Additionally, involving Scouts in service projects and recognizing their achievements reinforces a culture of cooperation. Ultimately, cooperation is not just a word but a foundation upon which the Scout spirit thrives, promoting practical, hands-on experiences aligned with Cub Scouting’s core values.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cub Scout Program Themes

What are Cub Scout program themes?

Cub Scout program themes are monthly or quarterly themes that provide a focus for Cub Scout activities, meetings, and events. These themes help make the program exciting and educational by emphasizing specific values and providing a framework for a variety of activities.

How do Cub Scout program themes work?

Each theme is centered around a core value from the Scout Law or some other aspect of Scouting, and it guides the activities, discussions, and service projects for that month. Themes are often linked to the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack, helping Scouts understand and practice these principles in their daily lives.

Where can I find Cub Scout program themes?

You’ve found them! I have lots of Cub Scout program themes listed on the page.

Can I create my own Cub Scout program theme?

Absolutely! You can certainly customize activities and events within a theme to suit your pack’s needs and interests. If you send me your ideas for a theme, I will share it here.

How do I incorporate Cub Scout program themes into pack meetings?

Pack meetings can include opening ceremonies, skits, songs, and activities related to the theme. Leaders often use the theme to tie together all elements of the meeting, creating a cohesive and educational experience for Scouts.

Are Cub Scout program themes suitable for all age levels within Cub Scouting?

es, Cub Scout program themes are designed to be adaptable for all age levels within the Cub Scout program, from Tiger Cubs to Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts. Activities and discussions can be tailored to suit the developmental stages of each group.

How do Cub Scout program themes benefit Scouts?

These themes provide a structured and engaging way for Scouts to learn about and practice important values, such as honesty, compassion, responsibility, and cooperation. They also make Scouting more enjoyable and help build a sense of unity within the pack.

Can parents and families get involved in Cub Scout program themes?

Absolutely! Cub Scouting encourages family involvement. Parents and family members can participate in activities related to the themes, attend pack meetings, and even help plan and lead events that align with the theme.


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  1. Bluewa Avatar

    Great ideas for Cub Scout programs! As a Pack Committee Chair, I’m always looking for unique and engaging themes to keep our scouts engaged and excited. Love the idea of a “Mystery Night” where they have to solve clues and challenges to reveal a surprise at the end. Will definitely try that one out!

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