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USA Cub Scout Theme

Teaching citizenship is one of the Aims of Scouting. So here are some ideas for promoting knowledge of the United States of America and encouraging participatory citizenship.

Displaying the US Flag with Other Flags

The US Flag is the symbol of our country. Scouts should know how to fold it, fly it, and handle it. Flag etiquette is part of many of the Scout requirements. In many cases, the rules are pretty straightforward. But in other cases, you just need to know the rules. For example, it gets more complicated when you are flying the US flag with flags from other nations. Here are the basics.

Scoutmaster Minute – Only One

Here is a Scoutmaster Minute which reminds us not to focus on the big insurmountable problem. Instead, just do what you can.

Cubmaster or Scoutmaster Minute: Threads and Flags

The US flag is a symbol of our country. When we honor it, when honor all of those who have protected our freedom through the years, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty. The flag also helps us focus on our national unity. We might not agree on everything, but we recognize that there are core principles which bring us all together.

Memorial Day Good Turn

Yesterday we went out to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and participated in the 61st annual Memorial Day Good Turn. This event really seems to help our Scouts understand what Memorial Day is all about.

Scoutmaster Minute – Cheerful Service

With Order of the Arrow elections approaching in the coming months, I though I’d share this Scoutmaster minute about cheerful service. It will help the troop remember what they should be basing their votes on and it should help current OA members remember the ideals they should be trying to live up to.

A Simple Flag Retirement Ceremony

When retiring a United Stated flag, some people will say that you must do it this way or that way, but according to the Flag Code, it just needs to be done with dignity.

Aims of Scouting – Citizenship

The aims of Scouting are character development, citizenship training, personal fitness (both mental and physical), and leadership development. Here are some ideas about how citizenship training is incorporated into the Scouting programs offered by BSA. I’ve also included some helps and activities which are specifically designed to engage Scouts of all ages in participatory citizenship.

Red White and Blue Bread Braid Recipe

Red White and Blue Bread Braid is a recipe for cooking with Cub Scouts. This is a little more involved than some recipes I used with my Cubs, but they really enjoyed kneading the color into the bread. And even if the colors don’t come out bright red, white, and blue, Cub Scouts will enjoy eating fresh baked bread.

Simple Indoor Opening Flag Ceremony

Many of our kids have not been exposed to flag etiquette before their first flag ceremony, so take the time to give them some basic instruction. This is a very simple opening flag ceremony for Cub Scouts to use at Den and Pack meetings.

Citizenship Football Game

Citizenship Football Game is a fun way to help Webelos and Scouts BSA work on citizenship requirements.

Flag Retirement and Grommets

A reader asks about what to do with the grommets after a flag retirement ceremony. What are your opinions?

Wolf Council Fire (Duty to Country) Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Council Fire (Duty to Country) is one of the Wolf required adventures. For this adventure, Wolves learn about being a member of a community. They plan a service project, look for ways they can help in their area, and actively participate in making their community better.

Simple Indoor Closing Flag Ceremony

Basic instructions for a very simple closing flag ceremony. This simple closing flag ceremony is appropriate for a den, pack, or other meeting.

How to Fold the US Flag

The US flag is the symbol of our country and every Scout should know how to handle it. One thing I emphasize when working with Scouts on flag etiquette is that the most important thing is respect. Scouts are going to make mistakes from time to time, but they should always do their best to be respectful.

Veterans Day Military Cadence

Today is Veterans Day. In honor this occasion, Mary sent in this cadence, or jody call. Thanks Mary!

Raising and Lowering the US Flag

These are some basic rules for raising and lowering the US flag. The most important rule to remember is to always treat the US flag with dignity and respect. It is the symbol of the United States of America. Remember that many men and women have given their lives defending the liberty and freedom it represents.

The Flag Remembers Christmas

You need to highlight the flag during this ceremony. Put a spotlight on it or have two scouts hold it up, or something like that.

The USO’s Tips for Sending a Care Package to Troops

Does your unit want to send a care package to our troops? This article will help you locate a USO center to get started and has some ideas for what to put in the perfect care package.

Lion King of the Jungle Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the King of the Jungle adventure, Lions learn about how to handle the US flag and about responsibility and leadership.

Respect Ceremony for Cub Scouts

This is a simple ceremony which can be used as an opening or a closing for a Cub Scout meeting with the theme of “Respect” which ties in with the Scout Law point of “Courteous”.

Wolf Hometown Heroes Adventure: Retired

(Note: BSA retired this adventure on May 31, 2022. This information remains here for historical purposes.) Hometown Heroes is one of the Wolf Cub Scout elective adventures. For the Hometown Heroes adventure, Wolves learn about citizens who are heroes in their local communities.

Make a Difference to One Scoutmaster Minute

This Make a Difference to One Minute can be used as a Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor Minute or it can be used with adults to encourage more participation in the Committee.

Webelos/AOL Build My Own Hero Adventure: Retired

(Note: BSA is retired this adventure on May 31, 2022. This information remains here for historical purposes.) Build My Own Hero is one of the Webelos/Arrow of Light elective adventures. For the Build My Own Hero adventure, Webelos learn how to be a hero in their own communities, recognize real life heroes, and design their own superhero.

Patriotic Napkin and Utensil Holder

Independence Day is a fun holiday for making decorations. Here is a simple craft for your Fourth of July celebration which is actually functional. This one is best for the younger scouts.

History of the United States Flag Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller

Barb sent in this template and instructions for making a cootie catcher make a history of the US flag cootie catcher to help Cub Scouts. A cootie catcher, also called a fortune teller, is an orgami construct which can be used to ask and answer questions.

Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

The Animal Kingdom adventure introduces Lions to the concepts of service, responsibility, and citizenship. Here are a few ideas to help you with this achievement. and some checkoff sheets .

Tiger Earning Your Stripes Adventure: Retired

(Note: BSA retired this adventure on May 31, 2022. This information remains here for historical purposes.) Earning Your Stripes is one of the Tiger elective adventures. For this adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners practice loyalty and good manners. They also do a service project.

State Capitals Game: Bingo Cards

One theme for teaching citizenship is the Fifty Great States theme. This state capitals game with bingo would be a fun game or gathering activity to go with this theme. You can play this game with states or capitals on the bingo cards or the call cards. You can choose which combination of bingo cards and call cards you would like to use.


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