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Under the Sea Cub Scout Theme (Courage)

A supplemental meeting plan theme called Under the Sea was provided by BSA a few years ago. For more ideas for use with this theme, see then end of this post.

Here is how the BSA plan suggests tying together this history based theme with the value of courage.

The oceans are the last unexplored frontiers on Earth. It takes courage to venture into undiscovered territory. Courage is also doing what is right regardless of the consequences. This month let us take our Cub Scouts under the oceans to explore and do what is right in caring for our last earthly frontier

This meeting plan includes the following – all within a courage theme. See the meeting plan for details.

  • Gathering activities – An ocean themed word search puzzle
  • Opening ceremony – Captain Courage
  • A prayer related to courage
  • Den demonstrations
  • Three Tiger Fish song
  • Wave run on, Shark run on, Electric Eel run on, Starfish run on, Christopher Columbus run on
  • Ocean Treasures recognition ceremony
  • Earth’s Final Frontier Cubmaster Minute
  • Outdoor Code closing ceremony

Here are some additional ideas to go with this theme:

Jaws Song (Baby Shark Song)

Scouts were singing this song long before it was a pop phenomenon. Instead of Baby Shark, we called it Jaws Song. This is a classic camp song. There are lots of variations. If you want to ham it up even more, change your voice when singing the different verses to sound like a mama, papa, lady, etc.

My Turtle Swims Sideways

ZM sang this My Turtle Swims Sideways song at Webelos camp and LC sang it at Scout camp and they’ve continued singing it since. This song is just humor. (This is one of the most commented upon posts on my blog!)

Sleeping Pirate Game

This sleeping pirate game works well for an opening activity or to run off some steam at a meeting. It doesn’t require much equipment and additional Scouts can join in as they arrive.

Pirate Pick Up Game

Ahoy there me hearties! Pirate games will add fun to your meeting or gathering. This Pirate Pick Up game is easy to set up and play.

Sharksicles Recipe

Nobody wants to go out swimming and meet up with a shark! But if you are at a Cub Scout meeting and the shark is your popsicle snack, that is another story. So to go along with this month’s aquatics theme for Cub Scouts, here is a snack idea called sharksicles.


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