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Ideas for July Pack Meeting – Courage

The core value for Cub Scouts for the month of July is Courage. According to the program helps courage is:

Being brave and doing what is right regardless of our fears, the difficulties, or the consequences.

So how can you fit this into your pack program? Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about using the “Courage steps” when they find themselves in a difficult situation – Be brave,  be calm, be clear, be careful. Learn some first aid skills while you are doing this. There are emergency/first aid requirements at every Cub Scout level.
  • Encourage them to try something new or to learn a new skill and to be courageous when they don’t know if they will succeed or not.
  • Do some role playing with what they would do in difficult situations.
  • Have a stargazing party and talk about the courage the astronauts must have.
  • Do a service project to help somebody in need. Talk about the courage people need when things don’t go as planned.
  • Do a service project to help the men and women in our armed forces. Talk about the courage needed to serve our country. If possible, visit a military base.

What are your ideas for teaching courage? Add them to the comments below.

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