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Easy Recipes for Cub Scouts in the Kitchen

Why Use an Easy Recipe for Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts love to cook. There are several Cub Scout adventures related to cooking. And even if you aren’t working on an adventure, helping to prepare a healthy and fun snack or meal promotes independence. And it might also encourage a Cub Scout to try something new.

So you can find an idea for an easy recipe for Cub Scouts here. For more ideas or for specific cooking techniques, you might also want to check these sections on my site:

So without further ado, below you will find some easy recipes for Cub Scouts.


Ticks on a Toilet Seat Recipe

Ticks on a Toilet Seat

What’s the best way to get a picky eater to have a healthy snack? Make it funny! This easy recipe for Cub Scouts will do just that!

Ham and Cheese Bites

Ham and Cheese Bites

Here is a snack for your Cubs in the kitchen. This ham and cheese bites recipe is such an easy recipe for Cub Scouts that they should be able to do most of it themselves.

Peanut Free Energy Bars

Peanut-Free Homemade Energy Bars

These homemade energy bars are a delightful and nutritious treat for Cub Scouts. Made without peanuts, they offer a safe snack option for those with allergies. With a soft and chewy texture, these bars are packed with wholesome ingredients like oats, chocolate chips, and sunflower seeds. Cub Scouts can customize their bars by adding optional ingredients like peanut butter, nuts, wheat germ, coconut, or dried fruits. Simple to make, these energy bars promote independence and creativity in the kitchen, encouraging scouts to try new flavors and explore their culinary talents while providing a boost of energy for their exciting adventures.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Recipe

One of the kid’s aunts, who is a nutritionist, came to a meeting and brought some healthy and easy recipes for Cub Scouts to make. This is one of the dishes she made with them.

Edible Campfires Recipe

Scouts should know how to build a fire. I am always amazed how many kids don’t understand the concept of using tinder and small sticks. This snack will help introduce the concept.

banana wheels

Banana Wheels

This is an easy recipe for Cub Scouts to make as a snack at home for themselves or it would work as a snack at a den meeting.

Pepperoni Crescent PinWheels Recipe

Pepperoni Crescent Wheels

This is a pretty easy recipe for Cub Scouts to make and would be a good snack for a meeting. Younger Cub Scouts will need some help with these, but they are simple enough that they can do a lot of the recipe themselves.

Campsite Honey Apples

Here’s an easy snack recipe for Cub Scouts to make at camp or for a den meeting. No cooking required!

Homemade Energy Bars Recipe (Peanut Free)

DS’s den had a scout with peanut allergies, so I always had to find peanut free recipes. This easy homemade energy bar recipe includes ingredients like oats and sunflower seeds.

edible spiders

Edible Spiders Recipe

A snack made with crackers and pretzels. This recipe does not require any cooking, so it can be made at a meeting even if you don’t have access to a kitchen. Video instructions are also available.

Apple Smiles

Apple Smiles

When assembled, this should look like two lips (the red sides of the apples) with two teeth (the marshmallows). A video description is also available.

Astronaut Pudding

This is a fun, simple snack for Cub Scouts. It can be a little messy, so when I did this with ZM’s den we went outside. This makes a great snack for any space themed meeting.

candy corn mix

Candy Corn Mix Recipe

Candy Corn Mix is a fun recipe for all of that Halloween candy corn. It tastes a little bit like eating a snickers bar.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

We always carve at least one Jack ‘O Lantern in October. We never let the seeds go to waste though. We roast pumpkin seeds and eat them instead. These never last long in our house.

Main Dish Recipes for Cub Scouts

French Toast

French Toast

This is a very easy French toast recipe for Cub Scouts. French or Italian bread works well in this recipe, but plain white bread will do.

Easy Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken quesadillas was one of their favorite recipes. They all made their own quesadillas, and so our vegetarian just didn’t put chicken in his. Everyone was well fed and happy.

Healthy Chicken Wrap

At a pack meeting the Cub Scouts learned about nutrition. A nutritionist came in with healthy ideas for meals and the ingredients for each easy recipe for the Cub Scouts to make. Each Cub Scout make his own healthy chicken wrap.

firecracker burgers

Firecracker Burgers Recipe

Here is a recipe which older Cub Scouts can help you make for an outdoor picnic or campout to help fulfill their cooking requirements. Video instructions are also available.

Baked Goods

Pumpkin Bread recipe

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Pumpkin bread is a favorite snack bread and dessert at our house. This is a quick bread recipe which uses whole wheat flour. You can add pecans or chocolate chips or you can leave those out.

Red White and Blue Bread Braid

Using frozen bread dough makes this another easy recipe for Cub Scouts. They really enjoy kneading the color into the bread. And even if the colors don’t come out bright red, white, and blue, Cub Scouts will enjoy eating fresh baked bread.

Gooey Butter Cake

Gooey Butter Cake is a favorite type of coffee cake here in St. Louis. This version of the recipe is even easy enough for Cub Scouts to make. It is rich, so don’t cut too big of a piece for yourself!


snowball cookies

Snowball Cookies

These are a family recipe. As kids we called them “snowball cookies” because that is what they look like – small ball shaped cookies rolled in powdered sugar. My mom always called them Russian tea cakes.

Candy Cane Cookies

Candy Cane Cookies

My kids always enjoyed making holiday treats. To them, if it has a special shape, that makes baking extra fun. So these candy cane cookies are a good Christmas treat to make with Cub Scouts. They don’t have a strong mint flavor, but are more like a sugar cookie.

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp Recipe

Cubs in the kitchen might need some help peeling and cutting the apples for this recipe, but they should be able to handle the rest of it with supervision. And they will love getting their fingers messy making the crumb topping.

Soil Sample Cupcakes

Soil Sample Cupcakes

Scouts always enjoy playing with their food! This would make a nice snack for any den meeting based on one of the ecology lessons.

Smores Nachos

S’mores Nachos

Just because it is too cold to go camping doesn’t mean that your Scouts can’t enjoy s’mores.

Smacos Recipe (S’Mores Tacos)

This is another twist on s’mores. Younger Cub Scouts will need someone to heat these up on the griddle, but they will enjoy the novelty.

baseball cookies

Baseball Cookies Recipe

If you are doing a sports theme with your Cub Scouts, why not make some baseball cookies?

donut snowmen

Donut Snowmen

This idea for Cub Scouts is both a craft and a snack. Make them out of powdered sugar donuts, some pretzels, and a few other easy to find ingredients.

Rice Crispy Treat Trees

If you are doing something related to forestry, you can make these tree shaped snacks to go with the theme. Or make them for something related to family trees.

star cookies

Dad’s Favorite Star Cookies

Here is another Christmas cookie. These are not very sweet. We like to sprinkle these with colored sugar before we bake them.

Forgotten Meringue Cookies

Forgotten Meringue Cookies

My kids always enjoy making these cookies. They are called forgotten cookies because you put them in a hot oven, turn it off, and then forget about them until the next morning.

Earth Treats

Earth Treats

Basically these are rice krispie treats shaped like the earth. You can make small “earths” or larger ones, but it seems to set better if you don’t make them too big.

Frozen Treats

sharksicle recipe


Nobody wants to go out swimming and meet up with a shark! But if you are at a Cub Scout meeting and the shark is your popsicle snack, that is another story. This would be a fun and easy recipe for Cub Scouts to make for an aquatics themed activity.

Jack O Lantern Creamsicles

We had some creamsicles and some black icing gel so we decided to have some Halloween fun with them. We made these Jack O Lantern creamsicles. This would be a fun snack/craft for a den meeting and an easy recipe for the Cub Scouts to do on their own..

How to Make Homemade Popsicles

Popsicles are a great summer treat, but they are really good for any season. And the ones from the store are very convenient, but sometimes it’s fun to make your own. Your kids can get pretty creative with the ingredients.

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Fun on the Run

Lion Cub Scouts learn about healthy habits including the importance of making good food choices. They also make a healthy snack. Find an easy recipe for Cub Scouts in the snacks section of this page.

Tiger Bites Cub Scout Adventure

Tiger Bites

Tiger Cub Scouts learn about good food choices and hygiene. They also help out at mealtime, learn some manners, and make a healthy snack. Find an easy recipe for Cub Scouts in the snacks section of this page.

Running with the Pack Wolf Cub Scout Adventure

Running with the Pack

Wolves learn about the importance of a balanced diet. Then they plan a healthy menu for a family meal. Find ideas for an easy recipe for Cub Scouts to make in the main dish section of this page.

Bear Picnic Basket Cub Scout Adventure

Bear Picnic Basket

Bears make their own cookbook. They also learn about nutrition and prepare meals in a kitchen and outdoors. Maybe they will get an idea or two here.

Webelos Cast Iron chef Adventure Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Cast Iron Chef

Youth learn about meal planning, budgeting, and shopping. They also prepare a nutritious meal and make a cooking fire. They can find recipe ideas here.

Cub Cafe Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

Cub Cafe

BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Cub Cafe related to health, nutrition, and fitness. An easy recipe for Cub Scouts on this page would fit in well with this meeting plan.


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