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Cub Scout Program for 2024

This for the 2024 program year Cub Scout updates. This new program takes effect on June 1, 2024. See more details about the overall program updates here.

Cub Scouts is a program offered by the Boy Scouts of America for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Cub Scouts participate in a variety of adventures.

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Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Bears earn belt loops to recognize their achievements. Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts earn pins. When a number of adventures are completed at a level, a Cub Scout earns the rank patch for that level.

Learn more about specific levels below.

Lion Cub Scout Badge

Lion (Kindergarten)

The Lion badge program introduces Kindergarten kids to Cub Scouts. It helps them learn new things, make friends, and have fun. The program includes Core and Elective Adventures that teach about the outdoors, technology, and more. In Core Adventures, Lion Cubs learn about character, outdoor activities, fitness, citizenship, safety, and family values. These activities build confidence and responsibility. Elective Adventures let Cubs explore their interests, like building, STEM, sports, and camping. New skills in math and tech are also introduced. This program helps Lion Cubs earn belt loops, enjoy various activities, and prepare for future scouting and life experiences.

Tiger Cub Scouts

Tiger (1st Grade)

The Tiger badge program is for first graders, helping 7-year-olds explore different activities. It teaches them about nature, health, teamwork, and safety through Core and Elective Adventures. In Core Adventures, Tiger Cubs learn about good values, enjoying the outdoors, staying healthy, and helping their community. They also learn about safety and respect for others. Elective Adventures offer choices like science, building, and outdoor activities, including new options like archery and technology. This program helps Tiger Cubs have fun, make friends, earn belt loops, and prepare for more scouting adventures, all while learning to be good community members.

Wolf Badge for Cub Scouts

Wolf (2nd Grade)

The Wolf badge program is for second-grade Cub Scouts, designed to teach 8-year-olds through fun and educational activities. Wolf Cubs learn about the outdoors, health, citizenship, and safety. The program includes Core and Elective Adventures, allowing Cubs to explore interests and develop new skills. Core Adventures cover character building, nature, exercise, community involvement, and safety. Elective Adventures let Cubs dive into STEM, history, and outdoor activities like fishing and water sports. This program helps Cubs try new things, make friends, and gain confidence as they earn belt loops and prepare for future scouting challenges.

Bear Cub Scout Badge

Bear (3rd Grade)

The Bear badge program is for third-grade Cub Scouts. It includes activities that help them learn about the outdoors, fitness, citizenship, and safety. Bear Cubs work on core adventures to build character and leadership skills. They explore nature, learn about health, and get involved in their community. They also pick elective adventures that match their interests, like science, technology, and outdoor fun. Activities range from building and science experiments to fishing and biking. This program helps Cubs grow, make friends, and gain confidence. It prepares them for future challenges and teaches them about teamwork and perseverance.

Webelos Cub Scout Badge

Webelos (4th Grade)

The Webelos badge program is for fourth-grade Cub Scouts. It helps them learn new skills and get ready for Scouts BSA. This program includes outdoor activities, fitness, citizenship, safety, and family values. Webelos work on core adventures like exploring the outdoors and personal fitness. They also choose elective adventures in areas like swimming, science, and technology. These activities teach them independence and respect. Earning pins in this program shows they are growing and ready for more challenges in scouting. This program is separate from the Arrow of Light.

Arrow of Light Award for Cub Scouts

Arrow of Light (5th Grade)

The Arrow of Light is the highest award a Cub Scout can earn. It prepares fifth graders for Scouts BSA. This program teaches outdoor skills, fitness, citizenship, safety, and family values. Cub Scouts do activities to build character and leadership, like Outdoor Adventurer and First Aid. They also choose extra activities they like, such as engineering or swimming. Earning this award shows they are ready for more adventures and have learned important skills. The Arrow of Light is a big step in their scouting journey.

Resources for Parents and Den Leaders

welcome new den leaders

Welcome New Den Leaders

Welcome to being a new den leader in Scouting! If you don’t have a mentor from your Pack, try to find an experienced Den Leader to guide you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, no matter how simple they seem. Also, make sure to attend training sessions offered by your Council. These sessions are valuable and cover all scout levels from Lion to Arrow of Light. You can also find useful resources on my website to help you. Your role is important in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for your dedication to our children!

Ask Scouter Mom a Question or Share Your Ideas With Others

Submit a comment, question, or idea which you would like to share. If you ask a question, check back later for a post with your answer.

Scout Moms, Dads, and Leaders Facebook Group

A Facebook group where you can also ask questions and share your ideas with other leaders and parents.

Scout Recognition Certificate

Scout Recognition Certificate – Fill In Your Own Information

A while back John M sent in a Webelos Crossover recognition certificate he had made to share with everyone.

Other Cub Scout Awards

Other Cub Scout Awards Helps and Documents

In addition to ranks and adventures, Cub Scouts can earn other awards, including Nova Awards and Supernova Awards, Outdoor Activity Award, World Conservation Award, and more.

Cub Scout Program Themes

Pack Meeting Themes

These themes are a way to add pizzazz to a meeting or a month. They can get your families motivated to be more involved and try new activities. Planning a pack meeting is easier with a theme.

Cub Scout Pack Committee

Cub Scout Pack Committee

A well organized Pack Committee makes the Cubmaster’s job much easier and ensures that a quality program is delivered to the youth.

what does the cubmaster do

What Does the Cubmaster Do?

In Cub Scouting, adults work together to deliver program to the youth members. One of the adult positions is the Cubmaster.

pack committee chair

What Does the Pack Committee Chair Do?

A strong, involved Committee Chair really makes a difference to the Pack leaders and to the Pack program.


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