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Cub Scout Program for 2024

Cub Scouts is a program by the Boy Scouts of America for boys and girls from Kindergarten through 5th grade. It offers fun and learning through various adventures, helping kids develop new skills, make friends, and have fun. The program was updated on June 1, 2024, to better meet the needs of young Scouts.

Cub Scouts work on Core and Elective Adventures. Core Adventures teach important values like character, fitness, citizenship, safety, and family values. Elective Adventures let kids explore their interests in areas like science, technology, sports, and the outdoors. These activities help build confidence and responsibility.

As Cub Scouts complete adventures, they earn belt loops or pins to recognize their achievements. Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Bears earn belt loops to recognize their achievements. Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts earn pins. They also work towards earning rank patches for their grade level. This system encourages continuous learning and goal-setting.

Learn more about specific levels below.

The program is designed to be flexible and fun, allowing each child to progress at their own pace. It also emphasizes community involvement, teaching Scouts the importance of helping others and working together.

Find a Cub Scout Pack in your area.

Overall, Cub Scouts prepares kids for future challenges and adventures. It provides a foundation of skills and values that will serve them throughout their lives. The updated program aims to make Cub Scouting more exciting and relevant for today’s youth.

Lion Cub Scout Badge

Lion (Kindergarten)

The Lion badge program introduces Kindergarten kids to Cub Scouts. It helps them learn new things, make friends, and have fun. The program includes Core and Elective Adventures that teach about the outdoors, technology, and more.

In Core Adventures, Lion Cubs learn about character, outdoor activities, fitness, citizenship, safety, and family values. These activities build confidence and responsibility. Elective Adventures let Cubs explore their interests, like building, STEM, sports, and camping. New skills in math and tech are also introduced. This program helps Lion Cubs earn belt loops, enjoy various activities, and prepare for future scouting and life experiences.

See requirements and resources for the Lion adventures.

Tiger Cub Scouts

Tiger (1st Grade)

The Tiger badge program is for first graders, helping 7-year-olds explore different activities. It teaches them about nature, health, teamwork, and safety through Core and Elective Adventures.

In Core Adventures, Tiger Cubs learn about good values, enjoying the outdoors, staying healthy, and helping their community. They also learn about safety and respect for others. Elective Adventures offer choices like science, building, and outdoor activities, including new options like archery and technology. This program helps Tiger Cubs have fun, make friends, earn belt loops, and prepare for more scouting adventures, all while learning to be good community members.

See requirements and resources for the Tiger adventures.

Wolf Badge for Cub Scouts

Wolf (2nd Grade)

The Wolf badge program is for second-grade Cub Scouts, designed to teach 8-year-olds through fun and educational activities. Wolf Cubs learn about the outdoors, health, citizenship, and safety.

The program includes Core and Elective Adventures, allowing Cubs to explore interests and develop new skills. Core Adventures cover character building, nature, exercise, community involvement, and safety. Elective Adventures let Cubs dive into STEM, history, and outdoor activities like fishing and water sports. This program helps Cubs try new things, make friends, and gain confidence as they earn belt loops and prepare for future scouting challenges.

See requirements and resources for the Wolf adventures.

Bear Cub Scout Badge

Bear (3rd Grade)

The Bear badge program is for third-grade Cub Scouts. It includes activities that help them learn about the outdoors, fitness, citizenship, and safety.

Bear Cubs work on core adventures to build character and leadership skills. They explore nature, learn about health, and get involved in their community. They also pick elective adventures that match their interests, like science, technology, and outdoor fun. Activities range from building and science experiments to fishing and biking. This program helps Cubs grow, make friends, and gain confidence. It prepares them for future challenges and teaches them about teamwork and perseverance.

See requirements and resources for the Bear adventures.

Webelos Cub Scout Badge

Webelos (4th Grade)

The Webelos badge program is for fourth-grade Cub Scouts. It helps them learn new skills and get ready for Scouts BSA. This program includes outdoor activities, fitness, citizenship, safety, and family values.

Webelos work on core adventures like exploring the outdoors and personal fitness. They also choose elective adventures in areas like swimming, science, and technology. These activities teach them independence and respect. Earning pins in this program shows they are growing and ready for more challenges in scouting. This program is separate from the Arrow of Light.

See requirements and resources for the Webelos adventures

Arrow of Light Award for Cub Scouts

Arrow of Light (5th Grade)

The Arrow of Light is the highest award a Cub Scout can earn. It prepares fifth graders for Scouts BSA. This program teaches outdoor skills, fitness, citizenship, safety, and family values.

Arrow of Light Scouts do activities to build character and leadership, like Outdoor Adventurer and First Aid. They also choose extra activities they like, such as engineering or swimming. Earning this award shows they are ready for more adventures and have learned important skills. The Arrow of Light is a big step in their scouting journey.

See requirements and resources for the Arrow of Light adventures

Resources for Parents and Den Leaders

welcome new den leaders

Welcome New Den Leaders

Welcome to being a new den leader in Scouting! If you don’t have a mentor from your Pack, try to find an experienced Den Leader to guide you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, no matter how simple they seem. Also, make sure to attend training sessions offered by your Council. These sessions are valuable and cover all scout levels from Lion to Arrow of Light. You can also find useful resources on my website to help you. Your role is important in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for your dedication to our children!

Ask Scouter Mom a Question or Share Your Ideas With Others

Do you have a question or idea to share with Scouter Mom? Use the form to submit your comment, question, or idea. Scouter Mom loves hearing from you and wants to help with your Cub Scouting experience. If you ask a question, check back later for a post with your answer. This is a great way to get advice, share tips, or learn new things about Cub Scouts. Scouter Mom is here to help you make the most of your Scouting journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out and share what’s on your mind!

Scout Moms, Dads, and Leaders Facebook Group

Join the Scout Moms, Dads, and Leaders Facebook Group to connect with other leaders and parents. This group is a great place to ask questions, share ideas, and get advice about Cub Scouting. You can find support, learn new tips, and discuss your experiences with others who understand the journey. It’s an easy way to stay informed and get help when you need it. Whether you’re a new parent or an experienced leader, this group is here to help you make the most of your Cub Scouting adventure.

Scout Recognition Certificate

Scout Recognition Certificate – Fill In Your Own Information

In the spirit of scouting camaraderie, we celebrate our young scouts’ hard work and achievements with personalized recognition certificates. This idea came from a generous Scouter, John M, who shared his Webelos Crossover certificate. His kind act inspired many leaders to seek a flexible way to celebrate various scouting milestones. I’ve created a versatile template from John’s original certificate. You can now customize it for any scout, rank, award, merit badge, or special achievement. This certificate helps recognize and boost the morale of scouts, honoring their journey and accomplishments.

Cub Scout Program Themes

Pack Meeting Themes

Pack meeting themes add excitement to your gatherings and encourage families to get involved. Using themes makes planning easier and helps Cub Scouts explore new activities and earn badges. Themes provide a central topic for each meeting, making the experience more engaging and educational. From nature themes to those highlighting specific skills, there’s something for every interest. Themes can also enhance special events like the Blue and Gold banquet or the Webelos crossover ceremony. Use these themes to inspire your planning and bring more fun to your pack meetings, motivating everyone to participate and try new things.

Cub Scout Pack Committee

Cub Scout Pack Committee

The Cub Scout Pack Committee is vital for a healthy pack. It supports the Cubmaster and ensures a quality program for the youth. A minimum of three adults are required, chosen by the chartered organization, and must agree to Boy Scouts of America principles. The committee recruits leaders, provides meeting places, renews the pack charter, and maintains a treasury. It also ensures leaders get proper training and works with local Scouts BSA troops for smooth transitions. Assigning specific tasks to members helps the committee run efficiently and supports the Cubmaster in delivering a year-round program.

what does the cubmaster do

What Does the Cubmaster Do?

The Cubmaster is a key adult leader in Cub Scouting. They must be at least 21 years old and a registered BSA member. The Cubmaster delivers a fun, year-round program developed by the Pack Committee and leads monthly pack meetings. They ensure the program follows BSA policies and attend monthly Cub Scout Roundtables for updates. The Cubmaster works with the Pack Committee to recruit leaders and develop the budget. They support and encourage Den Leaders, communicate with parents, and promote family participation. They also incorporate traditional Scouting elements into the program and recognize Cub Scouts’ achievements.

pack committee chair

What Does the Pack Committee Chair Do?

The Pack Committee Chair is another key leader in a Cub Scout Pack. They must be at least 21 years old, agree to BSA principles, and be registered as an adult leader. The Chair works with the chartered organization and the Cubmaster to ensure a quality program. They lead Pack Committee meetings, recharter the Pack annually, and help develop a budget. The Chair delegates tasks to other adults, ensures all leader positions are filled, and secures meeting places. They also organize fundraising projects, ensure leaders complete Youth Protection training, and help Webelos transition to Scouts BSA. A strong Chair supports the Pack’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cub Scouts

What is Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts is a program by the Boy Scouts of America for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade. It helps kids learn new skills, make friends, and have fun through different adventures.

Who can join Cub Scouts?

Boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade can join Cub Scouts. It is open to all children within this age range.

What do Cub Scouts do?

Cub Scouts participate in various activities called Core and Elective Adventures. These include outdoor activities, science projects, sports, and community service. They learn about character, fitness, safety, and family values.

How do Cub Scouts earn awards?

Cub Scouts earn belt loops or pins by completing adventures. They also work towards earning rank patches for their grade level.

How often do Cub Scouts meet?

Cub Scouts usually meet twice a month for den meetings. There are also pack meetings once a month. The schedule can vary depending on the pack.

What is a den?

A den is a small group of Cub Scouts in the same grade. They meet regularly to work on adventures together.

What is a pack?

A pack is the larger group that includes all the dens in a Cub Scout program. Packs meet monthly for activities and events.

How much does it cost to join Cub Scouts?

The cost to join Cub Scouts varies by pack. There is usually a registration fee, and there may be additional costs for uniforms, activities, and supplies.

Do parents need to be involved?

Yes, parent involvement is important in Cub Scouts. Parents help with meetings, activities, and supporting their child’s progress.

How can I find a Cub Scout pack near me?

You can find a Cub Scout pack near you by visiting the Boy Scouts of America website and using their pack locator tool. You can also contact your local BSA council for more information.

Small Steps, Big Adventures

The Cub Scout program is designed for boys and girls from Kindergarten through 5th grade. It helps young children develop skills, make friends, and have fun through various adventures. The program is divided into different levels, each tailored to the child’s age and grade. Each level includes a mix of Core and Elective Adventures, which teach valuable lessons in character, fitness, safety, and community involvement.

In Cub Scouts, children earn belt loops and pins by completing these adventures. They also work towards earning rank patches, which mark their progress through the program. Activities are hands-on and engaging, encouraging kids to explore their interests and try new things. From science projects to outdoor activities, there is something for every child.

The program emphasizes the importance of community and family involvement. Parents and leaders work together to guide the Cub Scouts and support their development. Meetings and events are planned around themes that make learning fun and memorable. These themes help keep the program fresh and exciting, motivating children and families to participate.

Cub Scouts prepares young children for future challenges and adventures. It builds a foundation of skills and values that will benefit them throughout their lives. The updated program, as of June 1, 2024, aims to make Cub Scouting even more relevant and enjoyable for today’s youth.


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