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Ideas for Pack Meeting about Respect

What Is Respect?

Talking about respect with Cub Scouts will help them understand the Scout Law points of “courteous” and “reverent”. The Cub Scout program helps give this explanation: 

Showing regard for the worth of someone or something. Through interacting with pack families, Cub Scouts will develop appreciation and respect for different families and traditions. Through pack service projects, they will learn to treat the environment with care.”

Ideas to Help Kids Understand

So that gives us some general ideas. December, with all of its traditions is an especially good month to talk about this topic. How can you incorporate this into your Pack program? Here are a few ideas:

  • Make cards or ornaments for shut-ins. Or take your pack meeting on the road and go caroling at a nursing home.
  • Do something nice for the environment and for the needy in your area. “Recycle” old coats by collecting them and donating them to a local agency.
  • Have some speakers from different cultures and/or faiths come talk about their holiday traditions.
  • Have everyone bring in holiday cookies. Let Cub Scouts buy tickets for a quarter each to vote for their favorite cookie. Let each den choose a charity. The proceeds from the tickets go to the charity chosen by the den the winner belongs to.
  • Learn to care for the environment by working  on the Cub Scout World Conservation award
  • Find out about some endangered species in your area and learn how Cub Scouts can help
  • Learn about different faiths in your neighborhood by doing a “church hike”. Plot a two or three mile course which takes you to several different churches.
  • Find out how different cultures celebrate December holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa .

What are your ideas for teaching this concept? Comment below.

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2 responses to “Ideas for Pack Meeting about Respect”

  1. Steph Avatar

    Thanks so much for your website. As a new Cubmaster, I appreciate your willingness to share your ideas!

    Hoping that you and your Scouts are having a wonderful holiday!

  2. Julie Avatar

    I am our Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and do the cub break out. I love gettting ideas in one place! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!! I appreciate it. May you have a blessed Christmas season.

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