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Yes I Can Cub Scout Theme (Positive Attitude)

BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Yes I can which features ideas for the value of positive attitude.

Here is how the BSA plan suggests tying together this theme with the value of  positive attitude:

It doesn’t matter what you are doing—homework, Cub Scout advancement, or helping Mom set the table—doing your best with a Yes I Can attitude will make the job more fun and less stressful.

Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan for Yes I Can (Positive Attitude)

This Cub Scout pack meeting plan includes the following – all within a positive attitude theme. See the meeting plan for details.

  • Gathering activity – Challenge cards
  • Opening ceremony – “We Can Do It” Opening Ceremony
  • Yes I Can Prayer
  • Audience Participation – There Ain’t No Flies on Me
  • Song – Yes I Can (To the tune of Row, Row Row Your Boat)
  • Activity – Den Demonstrations, Preamble to the Constitution in sign language
  • Let the Compass Guide You Recognition Ceremony
  • Mental Attitude Cubmaster Minute
  • “Positive Attitude Slogan” Closing Ceremony
  • Make a Difference to One Alternate Closing Ceremony

Fresh Start Scoutmaster (or Cubmaster) Minute

The New Year is traditionally a time for beginning again. The thoughts below can be used as a Scoutmaster or Cubmaster Minute to encourage Scouts to look forward to a fresh start rather than focusing on the past.

Gandhi’s Shoe (Cubmaster or Scoutmaster Minute)

This Cubmaster or Scoutmaster minute uses a story about Gandhi to demonstrate what being cheerful and having a positive attitude means. For Cub Scouts, you could even have a few den chiefs act this out while you tell the story.

Make a Difference to One Scoutmaster Minute

This Make a Difference to One Minute can be used as a Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor Minute or it can be used with adults to encourage more participation in the Committee.


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