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Heroes in History Theme (Honesty)

The Heroes in History theme teaches Cub Scouts about honesty by sharing the stories of historical figures. Scouts learn that being honest helped these heroes earn respect and trust from others. This theme shows Scouts that honesty is an important part of life.

By learning about heroes who were honest, Scouts see how truthfulness is important in tough situations. The theme connects to the Scout Law that says a Scout is “trustworthy.” Scouts learn that being honest can help them be trusted like the heroes they study.

Activities in this theme help Scouts understand how historical figures used honesty to solve problems and make good decisions. These activities make it clear that honesty is valuable and impacts many people. Scouts are encouraged to be honest every day.

This theme aims to inspire Cubs to be honest and reliable in their own lives. They learn to act like the heroes they admire by choosing to be truthful and fair. This helps them grow into better Scouts and better people.

What’s In the Heroes in History Plan?

This Cub Scout pack meeting plan includes the following – all within an honesty theme. See the meeting plan for details.

  • Gathering activity – I Am a Hero game
  • Opening ceremony – Heroes in History Speak Honestly
  • Johnny Appleseed Prayer
  • Welcomes and Introductions – Heroes in History Audience Participation
  • Henry Ford cheer, Paul Bunyan cheer, Casey Jones Railroad cheer, Grand Salute cheer, Hero cheer
  • American Heroes in History Advancement Ceremony
  • Christopher Columbus Cubmaster Minute


A scout is trustworthy

A Scout Is Trustworthy

To learn more about being trustworthy, a core value highlighted in the Heroes in History theme, visit this resource. It provides a deeper understanding of why trustworthiness is important in Scouting and everyday life. The page offers ideas on how to teach and demonstrate trustworthiness to Scouts, ensuring they grasp the significance of this essential trait. It useful for anyone looking to reinforce the value of honesty and integrity in young Scouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the “Heroes in History” theme?

The purpose is to teach Cub Scouts about honesty by learning from historical heroes. Scouts see how being honest helped these heroes succeed and be respected.

How does this theme relate to the Scout Law?

This theme relates to the Scout Law by focusing on being “trustworthy.” It shows Scouts that honesty is a key part of being trusted.

What activities are included in this theme?

The activities include games and stories about historical figures. Scouts learn about the honest actions of these heroes through fun, engaging activities.

Can parents participate in the activities?

Yes, parents are encouraged to join in the activities. Their involvement helps reinforce the lessons on honesty at home.

What will Scouts learn from this theme?

Scouts will learn the importance of honesty in their daily lives. They will see how honesty builds trust and respect, just like it did for the heroes they study.

Learning from the Legends

The Heroes in History pack meeting plan is designed to teach Cub Scouts about the value of honesty through the stories of historical figures. This theme helps connect Scouts to the core value of being “trustworthy,” an important part of the Scout Law. During the meeting, Scouts engage in various activities that highlight the honest behaviors of famous heroes from history.

Activities include games where Scouts match names and heroic deeds of historical figures, helping them learn in a fun way. Each game and activity is aimed at showing how these heroes used honesty to handle difficult situations and make important decisions. This not only makes the learning process engaging but also instills a deep understanding of why honesty matters.

The meeting also includes role-playing and storytelling, where Scouts might dress up as a historical figure or narrate a story about them. This helps Scouts connect personally with the values and stories of these figures. The involvement of parents is encouraged to reinforce these lessons, making it a family learning experience.

Overall, the Heroes in History plan uses the exciting stories of the past to teach timeless lessons about honesty, showing Scouts how these values are essential in both historical and modern contexts.


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