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Campfire Stories and Meeting Stories

Whether in a meeting or sitting around a campfire, stories bring us together. They connect us with the past also.

Below you will find some campfire stories for kids. These are not scary, so they are appropriate for quieting down Cub Scouts before lights out.

Do you have a campfire story which you would like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

Campfire Stories and Meeting Stories

Why Opossum Has a Bare Tail

This is a Native American story which scouts of all ages can enjoy. It is also a cautionary tale for young men who like to build huge campfires.

The Legend of The Pony Express

The story of the Pony Express at a Cub Scout level. Campfire stories like this can be used to introduce the concept of storytelling.

The Legend of Bigfoot

Bigfoot is always a good story to tell. Is he real? Will he come visit our campsite tonight? Add this to your collection of campfire stories.

The Legend of Paul Bunyan

The story of the Paul Bunyan in a format kids can absorb. It includes a variety of tall tales from Paul Bunyan lore.

The Legend of Pecos Bill

Stories about Pecos Bill combine fact and fiction. After the story, talk about how tall tales incorporated real ideas.

The Legend of Rip Van Winkle

This shortened version of the tall tale of Rip Van Winkle is appropriate for Cub Scouts.

More Resources Related to Campfire Stories

Songs for Scouts

Songs for Scouts

Songs are also a way to bring everyone together at camp or at a meeting. Some of these songs for Scouts are silly. Some are repeat-after-me songs. Some get people up and moving. Others quiet everyone down.

Cheers, Run Ons, and Audience Participation

Cheers add fun to meetings and campfire programs. They are usually humorous and silly. Be prepared for groans and laughs! Run-ons are like mini-skits. And audience participation activities help engage everyone.

Skits for Campfire Programs and Other Gatherings

Every campfire program should have plenty of skits. They also make a great intermission in a meeting. Sometimes they teach a lesson, sometimes they don’t, but they are always fun.

Make Your Next Campfire Memorable

Consider the four S’s: showmanship, skits, songs and stories. Get it right, and treat yourself and your Scouts to a fifth S: s’mores. See some tips and ideas.


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