Venturing Award Requirements and Resources

The Venturing award requirements just involve taking the first step as is shown here.

The Venturing award is the first award a Venturer earns.  It is a joining award. It has an emphasis on commitment and personal safety.

Get started on your adventure with these related ideas and achievements

Personal Safety Awareness Training

This training fulfills requirement 3. It covers safety concerns for teenagers. It is mainly accomplished through videos. See more information.

Sample Crew Induction Ceremony

This is a sample Venturing investiture ceremony for requirement 4. You can use is as-is or modify it.

Getting Teens to Sign Up for Venturing

The problem they are having is they talk to Bob and he isn’t sure he wants to go unless Tim and Amy are going. They talk to Tim and Amy and they are wondering who else will be there. And on and on…

BSA Methods for Scouts BSA vs Venturers

Some people wonder about what the main differences between the Scouts BSA and Venturing programs. Looking at the methods used in the two programs offers some insights into the main differences between the programs.

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