Inspiration, Cubmaster Minutes, Scoutmaster Minutes

Cubmaster Minutes, Scoutmaster Minutes, Advisor Minutes are inspirational thoughts to help achieve BSA’s aim of character development.

Do you have a minute or an inspirational story that you’d like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

Cubmaster Minute – Science and Perseverance

Here is a brief Cubmaster minute to help Cub Scout understand why perseverance is important. It could also be used as a Scoutmaster minute.

Fresh Start Scoutmaster (or Cubmaster) Minute

The New Year is traditionally a time for beginning again. The thoughts below can be used as a Scoutmaster or Cubmaster Minute to encourage Scouts to look forward to a…

Scoutmaster Minute – Only One

Here is a Scoutmaster Minute which reminds us not to focus on the big insurmountable problem. Instead, just do what you can.

Scoutmaster Minute – Cheerful Service

With Order of the Arrow elections approaching in the coming months, I though I’d share this Scoutmaster minute about cheerful service. It will help the troop remember what they should…

Cubmaster or Scoutmaster Minute: Threads and Flags

The US flag is a symbol of our country. When we honor it, when honor all of those who have protected our freedom through the years, especially those who have…

Scoutmaster Minute – Hope for the Future

When I look at the young men and women I work with in Scouts BSA and Venturing, I have nothing but hope for the future.

Gandhi’s Shoe (Cubmaster or Scoutmaster Minute)

This Cubmaster or Scoutmaster minute uses a story about Gandhi to demonstrate what being cheerful and having a positive attitude means. For Cub Scouts, you could even have a few…

Den Chief Pledge

We have a new Tiger Cub den in our Cub Scout pack which does not have a Den Chief yet. So for his Scoutmaster Minute, my husband read the Den…

Cubmaster Minute – Compassion

Character education is a part of the Cub Scout program. Here is a brief Cubmaster minute to help Cub Scout understand the meaning of compassion. This goes with the Scout…

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