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Stars and Stripes Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan (Respect)

BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Stars and Stripes which features ideas for the value of respect- games, group activities, songs, and more.

Here is how the BSA plan suggests tying together this theme with the value of  respect:

Respect is showing regard for the worth of something or someone. The flag of our country is more than a something. The flag is a symbol of our living country and itself is considered a living thing. When you show respect for the flag, you are showing respect for all it represents.

Stars and Stripes Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan (Respect)

This Cub Scout pack meeting plan includes the following – all within a respect theme. See the meeting plan for details.

  • Gathering activity – Our Flag Quiz
  • Opening ceremony – Respect for Our Flag
  • Flag and Freedom Prayer
  • Audience Participation: Prisoner of War Flag Ceremony
  • Activity – Den Demonstrations
  • Salute Recognition Ceremony
  • Respect the Flag Cubmaster Minute
  • Flag Folding Closing Ceremony

Displaying the US Flag with Other Flags

The US Flag is the symbol of our country. Scouts should know how to fold it, fly it, and handle it. Flag etiquette is part of many of the Scout requirements. In many cases, the rules are pretty straightforward. But in other cases, you just need to know the rules. For example, it gets more complicated when you are flying the US flag with flags from other nations. Here are the basics.

A Simple Flag Retirement Ceremony

When retiring a United Stated flag, some people will say that you must do it this way or that way, but according to the Flag Code, it just needs to be done with dignity.

Simple Indoor Opening Flag Ceremony

Many of our kids have not been exposed to flag etiquette before their first flag ceremony, so take the time to give them some basic instruction. This is a very simple opening flag ceremony for Cub Scouts to use at Den and Pack meetings.

Simple Indoor Closing Flag Ceremony

Basic instructions for a very simple closing flag ceremony. This simple closing flag ceremony is appropriate for a den, pack, or other meeting.

How to Fold the US Flag

The US flag is the symbol of our country and every Scout should know how to handle it. One thing I emphasize when working with Scouts on flag etiquette is that the most important thing is respect. Scouts are going to make mistakes from time to time, but they should always do their best to be respectful.

Raising and Lowering the US Flag

These are some basic rules for raising and lowering the US flag. The most important rule to remember is to always treat the US flag with dignity and respect. It is the symbol of the United States of America. Remember that many men and women have given their lives defending the liberty and freedom it represents.


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