Scout Ceremonies

Scout ceremonies like this flag ceremony help focus the attention of the participants.

About Scout Ceremonies

Ceremonies are designed to focus a groups attention. I have many Scout ceremonies here which are appropriate for Cub Scouts and for older Scouts.

Why Should a Troop Use Ceremonies?

According to the BSA, they indicate something important is taking place, entertain, and provide inspiration. Read more on this topic.

Share your Ceremonies

Do you have any Scout ceremonies you’d like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

Flag Ceremonies

Simple Indoor Opening Flag Ceremony

This is a very simple opening flag ceremony for Cub Scouts to use at Den and Pack meetings.

Simple Indoor Closing Flag Ceremony

This simple closing flag ceremony is appropriate for a den, pack, or other meeting.

A Simple Flag Retirement Ceremony

When retiring a United Stated flag, some people will say that you must do it this way or that way, but according to the Flag Code, it just needs to be done with dignity.

The Flag Remembers Christmas

You need to highlight the flag during this ceremony. Put a spotlight on it or have two scouts hold it up.

Crossover, Joining, and Advancement Ceremonies

Shoe Advancement Ceremony

Shoe Advancement Ceremony

This ceremony highlights that Cub Scouts are growing and filling bigger shoes as they advance along the Cub Scout trail.

Bobcat Ceremony – Space

See a ceremony for Cub Scouts who have earned Bobcat. It has a space derby theme.

Welcoming Webelos to Scouts BSA Troop

See some ideas for crossover ceremonies.

Blue and Gold, Webelos Crossover, and Arrow of Light Ceremony Ideas

More ideas for crossover and AOL.

Broken Arrow Ceremony

This ceremony shows Scouts that they are stronger together. It is sometimes used as a joining ceremony or a crossover ceremony.

Den Chief Pledge

This pledge can be used as the basis for a simple ceremony when welcoming a new den chief.

Ceremony for Venturing Ranger Award

Thoughts about recognizing a young person who has earned the prestigious Ranger award.

Cub Scout Ceremonies

Outdoor Fun and Fitness Ceremony

This can be used as a closing ceremony at a fitness based pack meeting.

Magic Words Ceremony

This one focuses on good manners and kind words.

Kindness Ceremony

Another one which helps youth understand the concept of kindness. It is based on a ceremony for compassion from the old program helps

Spirit of Cub Scouting

Turning off the lights and lighting candles is a great way to get the attention of the Cub Scouts.

Thank You Ceremony

Point out the importance of gratitude and saying “thank you”.

Respect Ceremony

This is a simple ceremony which can be used as an opening or a closing for a Cub Scout meeting with the theme of “Respect” which ties in with the Scout Law point of “Courteous”.

Perseverance Ceremony

Help youth understand what it means to persevere.

Kwanzaa Candle Ceremony

Use this idea during December near the observance of Kwanzaa.






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