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Pack Meeting Plan for Holiday Lights (Respect)

Respect and Holiday Traditions

The Holiday Lights  meeting plan features games, group activities, songs, and more to help Cub Scouts learn about other cultures and traditions.

Many of our holiday traditions this month involve lights—the star of Bethlehem, miracle of the lamps, the morning star that enlightened Buddha, the bonfires at yule. We show respect for the customs of others by sharing our holiday traditions with the pack and den: lights on a Christmas tree, candles on a menorah for Hanukkah, or on a Kwanzaa kinara. We can light the way this month by brightening someone’s holiday season while learning more about how others celebrate this season.

As a pack or den, visit a nursing home, preschool, or children’s ward, and sing holiday favorites. Conclude your outing by sharing cookies decorated by the boys. Help those less fortunate with a service project or toy drive. How about a holiday dessert pot luck? Each family can bring a traditional dessert to share at the pack meeting.

This might be a perfect time to ask pack families to donate to the World Friendship Fund of the Boy Scouts of America, which assists developing nations in providing Scouting to their youth.

Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan for December: Holiday Lights

This Cub Scout pack meeting plan includes the following – all within a respect theme. See the meeting plan for details.

  • Gathering activity – Peace Word Search and Peace Word Match
  • Opening ceremony – Holiday Lights Opening Ceremony
  • A prayer about holidays
  • Cheers – Rudolph  Cheer, Candle Cheer, Snow Globe Cheer
  • Good Turn Run On
  • Winter Jokes
  • Mr. Boyce and the Good Turn Skit
  • Song – Light the Night (To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
  • Activity – Den Demonstrations
  • Fill Santa’s Sack Game
  • Cubs Light the Way Recognition Ceremony
  • “Lighting the way” Cubmaster Minute
  • New Year of the Gold and Blue Closing Song (To the tune of Auld Lang Syne)

What are your ideas for teaching respect for different traditions? Comment below.

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