songs for scouts

Songs for Scouts

Why Have Songs for Scouts?

Songs for Scouts are a fun way to add some fun to a meeting or to get everyone involved in a campfire program.

Some of these songs for Scouts are silly. Some are repeat-after-me songs. Some get people up and moving. Others quiet everyone down.

What’s your favorite song for Scouts? Do you have the lyrics or a video of it? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

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Harmony of Scouting: The Power of Songs

Songs bring Scouts of all ages together, making them feel connected and like they belong. They teach important skills like working as a team and being creative, and they capture the spirit of Scouting. Singing songs creates memories that last a lifetime and helps different generations of Scouts feel connected. Songs make a strong and fun Scouting experience that leaves a special place in every Scout’s heart.

Cub Scout Song Book

Cub Scout Song Book

Are you looking for a printable songbook with classic songs for Scouts? Amy wrote me and asked me if I would post a Cub Scout song book she made to fill a ticket for her Woodbadge course. My answer was yes! Her song book can be found here. It contains a lot of classics your pack will enjoy singing also.

Digital Cub Scout Songbook

This page has 91 digital tracks for traditional songs from the official Cub Scout Songbook. So you can listen to the tunes to learn them.

Repeat After Me Songs for Scouts

Princess Pat Song

Princess Pat

This Princess Pat is one of those songs for Scouts that actually has some real history behind it. Princess Patricia was a member of the British royal family. A Canadian infantry unit was named in her honor.

Going on a Bear Hunt

Like many songs for Scouts, it has multiple versions. It is actually based on the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

boom chicka boom

Boom Chicka Boom

The lyrics in the post are the ones we tend to use, but there are other variations in the comments. Feel free to add your own.

Moose with the Juice

The song about the moose drinking his juice is a favorite for all ages. It works at a Scout campfire or at a Cub Scout back to school program.

the pizza man song

Pizza Man

The Pizza Man song is a camp classic. This is one of those songs that has many different versions and they are all fun. All of the catch phrases rhyme

Action Songs for Scouts

The Little Green Frog Song

The Little Green Frog

This is a fun song to do with a Cub Scout pack or den. It is full of kid humor. Make sure you get the parents to sing along also.

Cool and Creamy

This is usually just performed by a couple of people up front, so it is half song and half skit. It is a funny just because it is so messy. I have seen this performed by camp staff many times.

The Milk Song

This is a fun song for a campfire or for some audience participation at a Pack meeting. Plus it encourages healthy eating habits!

The Fast Food Song

The Fast Food Song is a fun song for Scouts. It is an action song about what our diet shouldn’t consist of. It would fit in well with a nutrition themed meeting.

Star Wars Song

This goes to the same tune as the Fast Food Song. It would go well with a space theme.

Bring Back My Bunny to Me

This song is from the old program helps and fits in well with the Abracadabra program theme . Add the actions and ham it up.

The Noble Captain Kirk

Everyone familiar with the Star Trek series knows how much they like to beam people back and forth the transporter. Sing this song as a tribute to the series.

My Turtle Swims Sideways

This song is just humor. (This is one of the most commented upon posts on my blog!)

Silly Songs for Scouts

911 Song

911 Song

This silly 911 song is a favorite on the playground. Yes, it involves crashing into trees, ambulance rides, blood, and the word cops.

911 (Bicycle Version)

This bicycle version of the 911 song was submitted by a reader on my 911 Song post and would also go with any cycling theme.

The Twelve Days of Camping Song

The Twelve Days of Camping

This silly song works well at Christmas (because of the tune) or at camp (because of the theme).

Jaws Song (Baby Shark Song)

Scouts were singing this song long before it was a pop phenomenon. Instead of Baby Shark, we called it Jaws Song. This is a classic camp song.

Twinkie Song

A silly song to the tune of “Do a Deer” from The Sound of Music.

announcements song

Announcements Song

The Announcements Song will add some laughs to the dry business parts of your meetings. Sing “Announcements, announcements, announcements” followed by one of the verses and then do an announcement.

Ticks on a Toilet Seat

This song goes well with the Ticks on a Toilet Seat snack. So if you are making the recipe, have some fun singing the song at the same time.

Bazooka Bubblegum Song

Bazooka Bubblegum

We hear this one a lot at camp, on hikes, and on hayrides. I’ll warn you that when they start singing this, they tend to sing it over and over and over again.

Songs for Grace

Johnny Appleseed Grace

Johnny Appleseed Grace

Duty to God is an important part of Scouting, so don’t forget to say grace at Scouting events. This is a non-denominational grace which would be appropriate at any meal.

Addams Family Grace

This favorite Cub Scout grace is a song. The tune is the theme of the Addams Family show. (Hence the name.)

Holiday Songs for Scouts

Carve the Pumpkin Halloween Song

Carve the Pumpkin Halloween Song

If you have a den meeting or pack meeting near Halloween, then this song is a fun way to get everyone singing. And it is not just for Cub Scouts! This would be fun at any class party or Halloween party. It is not gory, so it is fine for very young children.

Thanksgiving Song

Thanksgiving Song

Here is a silly song for the Cub Scouts to sing on Thanksgiving. Use this for any of the Cub Scout music requirements

Other Classic Songs for Scouts

Fish and Chips and Vinegar Song

Fish and Chips and Vinegar

The Fish and Chips and Vinegar song fits in well with a Backyard Fun theme. It includes a reminder to keep our backyards free of trash! It would also fit in well with a conservation theme.

Auld Lang Syne 1

Auld Lang Syne

This song is used to mark endings and new beginnings. For that reason, in the Scouting movement it is sometimes used to close big events, such as jamborees.

I like bananas coconuts and grapes song

I Like Bananas, Coconuts, and Grapes

This is a fun song that Scouts love to sing! It’s catchy and easy to remember, and you get to do cool actions while singing it. The song brings everyone together, making us laugh and have a great time. It’s a song that creates awesome memories!

Take Me Out to the Forest

Take Me Out to the Forest is a classic Scouting song. Sing it around the campfire, when you’re out on a hike, or when you are camping.

Rags Song (A Kid’s Song About a Dog)

This song would be fun for any Cub Scout sing along or pets themed meeting. It is sung to the tune of Six Little Ducks.

Songs to Help with Requirements

Trustworthy Tommy Song

Trustworthy Tommy

Scouts of all ages need to learn the Scout Law. This classic Trustworthy Tommy song will help them remember the twelve points of the Scout Law and to understand what the points mean.

Square Knot Song and Overhand Knot Song

Marianna from Pack 377 in Fort Meade, MD sent in these two songs which she made up to help teach herWolves about square knots and overhand knots.

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