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Ideas for Your Scouting Program

Looking for ideas for a song or a skit? A gathering activity? A new recipe to try at camp? A great story or magic trick? A new game to play outdoors or indoors? Something to add fun and excitement to your meeting or activity or campfire program?

Look no further. I have lots of ideas for your Scouting program. Use these ideas to add fun to your program and keep youth engaged.

Songs for Scouts

Songs for Scouts

Songs for Scouts are a fun way to add some fun to a meeting or to get everyone involved in a campfire program. Some of these songs for Scouts are silly. Some are repeat-after-me songs. Some get people up and moving. Others quiet everyone down. What’s your favorite song for Scouts? Do you have the lyrics or a video of it? Contact me and I’ll share it here

Games for Scouts

Game Ideas for Scouts

Games promote team building, cooperation, and friendly competition. Active games also promote the BSA aim of personal fitness. Many Cub Scout requirements involve playing games. And for Scouts BSA, games can make learning skills more fun and interactive. You can find even more games here.



A campfire program should have plenty of skits. They also make a great intermission in a meeting. Sometimes they teach a lesson, sometimes they don’t, but they are always fun. Skits also help youth learn communication skills. Scouts who put on skits will become more comfortable in front of an audience. Youth who find giving presentations difficult might find it easier to be up front if they are in a different persona.

Gathering Activities

Gathering Activity Ideas

Gathering activities are just program ideas for the Scouts to do while they are waiting for the meeting to start. These can be games, puzzles, crafts, or anything which only takes a few minutes. Do you have any gathering activity ideas that you’d like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

Scout Ceremonies

Scout Ceremonies

Ceremonies are designed to focus a groups attention. I have many Scout ceremonies here which are appropriate for Cub Scouts and for older Scouts.



Crafts can be used to complete rank advancement requirements or just for fun. Crafts are especially important as a way for boys and girls in the Cub Scout program to express themselves and develop creativity. So gather your supplies, arrange your meeting room, have a few helping hands, and do some crafts!

campfire stories


Whether in a meeting or sitting around a campfire, stories bring us together. They connect us with the past also. Here you will find some campfire stories for kids. These are not scary, so they are appropriate for quieting down Cub Scouts before lights out.


Projects for Scouts

Projects give youth an opportunity to build something useful. Make sure your project is appropriate for the age group and don’t forget about safety instruction for any tools you will be using.

Cheers Yells Applauses Run Ons and Audience Participation

Cheers, Run Ons, and Audience Participation

Cheers, yells, and applauses add energy to meetings and campfire programs. They are a way to get everyone up and moving for a very brief interlude. Run ons are like mini skits. Sometimes they are in a series and are a recurring theme throughout a program. They are usually humorous and silly. Audience participation is an engaging way to tell a story or a joke.

prayers and graces

Prayers and Graces

A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. She respects the beliefs of others. Find prayers and graces for use in your program here.

inspiration and minutes

Cubmaster and Scoutmaster Minutes

Cubmaster Minutes, Scoutmaster Minutes, and Advisor Minutes are inspirational thoughts to help achieve BSA’s aim of character development.

Puzzles and Printables

Puzzles and Printables

Puzzles make learning new concepts more fun. They are also a good way to reinforce ideas which Scouts might be starting to forget.

Recipes for Cub Scouts in the Kitchen

Cubs in the Kitchen

There are several Cub Scout adventures related to cooking. And even if you aren’t working on an adventure, helping to prepare a healthy and fun snack or meal promotes independence. And it might also encourage a Cub Scout to try something new.

Camping Recipes

Camping Recipes

Camp cooking can offer some challenges, but it can also be very rewarding. Many people stick to hotdogs and hamburgers at camp. But it is easy and fun to get a little more creative. So here are some recipes to put in your camping cookbook.

dutch oven cooking

Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch oven cooking is one of my favorite ways to make meals and desserts at camp. Put the ingredients in, put some charcoal on the top and bottom, come back later, and voila! you have a delicious dish.

Trail Food

Trail Food

When you are on the trail, you don’t have a way to keep food cool and you want something which will provide energy, will travel well, and is lightweight. Trail mix is a popular trail food and there are many possible combinations. Or with a small trail stove, you can heat something up with water.

Foil Pack Dinners

Foil Pack Dinners

Many campers know that if you want a meal with little cleanup, you can cook it in a foil pack. The most typical foil pack ingredients are ground beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions. But don’t get stuck in a rut! Try some new combinations with these ideas.

Cooking on a Stick

Cooking on a Stick

The easiest method of cooking at camp might be cooking on a stick. No muss. No fuss. No cleanup. 🙂 So here are a few recipes and ideas.


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