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Venturing is a co-ed youth development program offered by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for young adults aged 14 to 20.

Venturing provides opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and high adventure in a supportive environment. The program is designed to help young adults become responsible and caring individuals, develop skills for living, and become leaders in their communities.

The program emphasizes outdoor activities, community service, and personal development, and offers a wide range of activities including camping, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, community service projects, and leadership training. The program is led by adult volunteers who provide guidance and support to Venturers as they pursue their personal and collective goals.

The concepts and techniques utilized by Venturers can also prove beneficial in involving high school-aged Scouts BSA members.

Venturing Award

The Venturing award is the first award a Venturer earns.  It is a joining award, designed to mark the first milestone in a Venturer’s journey in the program. This award is earned by completing a set of requirements that introduce new Venturers to the program and help them develop basic skills and knowledge needed to participate in more advanced activities.

Discovery Award

The Discovery Award is the second-level award that recognizes Venturers who have completed a series of requirements that focus on the basic skills and knowledge needed to participate in the program. It is the first milestone award in the Venturing program and is designed to introduce new Venturers to the program and help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to participate in more advanced activities.

Pathfinder Award

The Pathfinder award is the third level award in the award system for Venturers. To earn the Pathfinder Award, a Venturer must complete requirements in four areas: leadership, personal development, service, and exploration. These requirements include developing and implementing a personal plan for leadership development, participating in a service project that benefits the community, learning about career opportunities and potential career paths, and exploring different areas of interest through Venturing activities and experiences.

Summit Award

The Summit Award is the highest award that a Venturer can earn, and it is considered one of the highest youth awards in Scouting. The Summit Award recognizes Venturers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, service, and personal growth in the Venturing program.

Ranger Award

The Ranger Award is a high-level achievement award, designed to recognize Venturers who have completed a challenging outdoor and leadership program. The award emphasizes mastery of outdoor skills, leadership, and planning.

Quest Award

As Venturers strive to earn the Quest Award, they gain an understanding of the significance of maintaining healthy dietary habits and engaging in physical exercise. Through the program, they recognize the value of participating in athletics, whether as an individual or as part of a team.


As Venturers complete the requirements for the TRUST award, they develop a stronger connection with their personal faith and acquire an appreciation for the diverse beliefs of others. The Venturers comprehend that trust is founded upon having candid and considerate discussions regarding faith and culture. By engaging in community service projects, they demonstrate their commitment to putting their beliefs into practice.

Other Venturing Awards

In addition to the core and specialty awards, there are several other awards and resources available to Venturers. For example, the Venturing World Conservation Award recognizes Venturers who have completed conservation and environmental projects, and the Venturing Supernova Award recognizes Venturers who have demonstrated excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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Camping With a Coed Venturing Crew

Coed Camping

There are advantages and factors to consider when planning a coed camping trip with a Venturing crew. Proper planning, communication, and supervision are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Coed camping can provide opportunities for Venturers to improve teamwork, leadership, and social skills while participating in outdoor activities. See some practical tips for organizing and executing coed camping trips, such as establishing clear expectations and guidelines, providing sufficient training and equipment, and delegating responsibilities to adult leaders and youth members.

Starting a Venturing Crew

Maybe you’ve heard about this coed Scouting program for young men and women and you’re ready to try to organize a Crew. You might even have a specific group of young people in mind. It could be you know…

Venturing Officer Positions

Crew Officer Position Descriptions

One way Venturers can build their leadership skills is by serving in various officer positions within their Venturing crew. This page outlines the position descriptions and responsibilities for several officer positions, including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Quartermaster. Each position is described in detail, highlighting the specific duties and tasks involved. The page also provides useful tips for Venturers who are interested in running for officer positions and suggestions for how officers can work together effectively to lead and support their crew. By serving in officer positions, Venturers can develop important skills such as communication, organization, and decision-making, while also contributing to the success and growth of their Venturing crew.

Planning with Teenagers

When I was first approached to be the new Advisor for the Crew, our district executive warned me that teenagers don’t usually plan ahead. Boy was he right!

BSA Methods for Scouts BSA vs Venturers

Some people wonder about what the main differences between the Scouts BSA and Venturing programs. Looking at the methods used in the two programs offers some insights into the main differences between the programs.


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