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Gathering Activities for Meetings

Gathering Activities

Gathering activities are just program ideas for the Scouts to do while they are waiting for the meeting to start. These can be games, puzzles, crafts, or anything which only takes a few minutes.

Do you have a gathering activity that you’d like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

Neckerchief Slides


Wolf Neckerchief Slide

Homemade neckerchief slides are a Scouting tradition and are fun gathering activities. This leather wolf slide is a fun way to get Cub Scouts involved in this tradition.

Seed Neckerchief Slide Craft

Seed Neckerchief Slide

Several years ago I attended a Cub Scout Pow Wow session on neckerchief slide crafts. They showed us a number of ways to make neckerchief slides from various materials

Scouting for Food Neckerchief Slide

Scouting for Food Neckerchief Slide

Making this slide before your Scouting for Food service project is a fun way to say “we are excited about helping others”.

Mini Cub Scout Handbook

John A. (Cubmaster of Pack 528 in Cascade Pacific Council, NW Oregon/SW Washington) sent me this idea for a Cub Scout neckerchief slide which looks like a little Cub Scout handbook.

Clock Neckerchief Slide

Cub Scouts can make this simple neckerchief on their own. Use it as a one of your gathering activities with a history theme.

Other Simple Crafts

Craft Stick Picture Frame

A craft stick picture frame is one of those things which 99 percent of you probably already know how to do, so I am really posting this just to remind you that things like this make a good gathering activity, especially for Tigers and Wolves.

Paper Bag Puppets

A den leader asked me recently about ideas for gathering activities. I suggested paper bag puppets.

Homemade Silly Putty Recipe

Having a science themed meeting with your Scouts? Make up a batch of silly putty. This stuff is stretchy and fun to play with. And it will be one of your favorite gathering activities.

Homemade Model Magic Recipe

Homemade play-dough tends to be kind of crumbly and a little messy. Model magic is a fun crafting alternative, but it tends to be kind of expensive if you buy it at the store. So try making your own instead.

Cub Scout Trading Cards

Have your Cub Scouts make their own trading cards with “Cub Scout stats”. This Cub Scout craft works great with any sports themed den or pack meeting.

Pool Tote Craft

Gathering activities can be seasonal. For a summer activity, you could let the Scouts decorate their own pool totes. Then they can carry all of their squishy balls, goggles, dive sticks, and other pool accessories themselves.

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Here is a fun way to use up some of those egg cartons left over from the Easter eggs. This egg carton caterpillar craft would make a nice gathering activity for a springtime den meeting.

Donut Snowmen Craft/Recipe

Some gathering activities can be both a craft and a snack. Make donut snowmen out of powdered sugar donuts, some pretzels, and a few other easy to find ingredients.


Scouts BSA Basics Crossword

A crossword puzzle for Webelos working on their Arrow of Light award or for new Scouts BSA who are working toward their Scout rank. This puzzle has clues from the Scout oath, law, motto, and slogan.

Law of the Pack Letter Tile Puzzle

Cub Scouts should know the Law of the Pack, but unless they are reciting it all of the time, they aren’t going to remember it. This puzzle will help reinforce the Law of the Pack.

Core Values Crossword Puzzle

The 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting were replaced by the 12 points of the Scout Law a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still use the core values as examples of good values. So use this crossword puzzle as a gathering activity at any meeting where values are the focus.

State Capitals Bingo Cards

State capitals bingo would be a fun game or gathering activity to go with this theme. You can play this game with states or capitals on the bingo cards or the call cards. You can choose which combination of bingo cards and call cards you would like to use.

Halloween Bingo Cards

If you are looking for a fun gathering activity for a den meeting or pack meeting around Halloween time, try these Halloween Picture Bingo Cards.

Simple Games and Contests

Caption Contest

An idea for your gathering activities for history or ancestry themes is to have a caption contest with some silly or unusual photos. . This can also be used just for laughs.

Faith and Our Ancestors Game

The Faith and Our Ancestors Game is an icebreaker activity with a genealogy twist. Players ask each other questions about how they think their ancestors lived.

When I Was Young

This can be used as one of the gathering activities for any meeting centered around a history theme or a photography or cinema theme. This also works well for a Blue and Gold banquet.

Soccer Tennis

When my den meetings were immediately after school, I often did a physical activity during the gathering time. The Scouts needed to run around and burn off a little energy before they were ready to concentrate on the den activities.


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