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Hometown Heroes Cub Scout Theme (Cooperation)

BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Hometown Heroes. The Hometown Heroes meeting plan features ideas for the value of cooperation – games, group activities, songs, and more to help kids learn to cooperate.

For more ideas for use with this program theme, see my Hometown Heroes Cub Scout Theme page.

 Here is how the BSA plan suggests tying together this theme with the value of cooperation :

Hometown heroes are those who see a need, bring others together to cooperate in achieving a common goal, and solve problems to keep us safe in our community by working together as a team. Firefighters, police officers, members of the military, and other leaders cooperate to make our lives better. Our founding fathers represented different colonies but joined together to create the United States of America. Our space program combined the efforts of the government, the military, and private business to explore our universe and provide innovative ideas for our daily lives.

Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan for September: Hometown Heroes (Cooperation)

This Cub Scout pack meeting plan includes the following – all within a cooperation theme. See the meeting plan for details.

  • Gathering activity – Who Am I?
  • Opening ceremony – American Heroes Ceremony
  • A prayer about cooperating
  • Audience Participation – Hero Cheer, Hero fill in the blanks story, Fire Engine Cheer, Paul Bunyan Cheer
  • Activity – Have a local hometown hero come in and speak (firefighter, police officer, member of military, volunteer, etc.)
  • Tactile Copier Game
  • Key to the City Advancement Ceremony
  • A “Heroes” Cubmaster Minute
  • A HEROES closing ceremony

Veterans Day Military Cadence

Today is Veterans Day. In honor this occasion, Mary sent in this cadence, or jody call. Thanks Mary!

The USO’s Tips for Sending a Care Package to Troops

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Make a Difference to One Scoutmaster Minute

This Make a Difference to One Minute can be used as a Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor Minute or it can be used with adults to encourage more participation in the Committee.

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