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In addition to the core Venturing awards (Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, Summit) and the Venturing specialty awards (Ranger, Quest, TRUST), Venturers can earn a number of other recognitions. Some of the more popular Venturing awards are listed here.

Den Chief Service Award

The Den Chief Service Award recognizes Scouts and Venturers who serve a Cub Scout den for one year, are trained, and are active members of their Troop or Crew. The award is a red, white, and blue cord, which is worn on the left shoulder under the epaulet. A certificate is also available.

Recruiter Strip Requirements

Have you invited a friend neighbor, relative, or classmate to join Cub Scouts or Scouts BSA? If so, you might be eligible to wear the Recruiter Strip.

Interpreter Strips

An interpreter strip shows which languages a Scout is familiar with. It is worn above the “Boy Scouts of America” strip on the uniform. This emblem can be worn by Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, or adults.

Morse Code Interpreter Strip

Morse Code Interpreter Strip

The Boy Scouts of America offers a special Morse Code interpreter strip for any youth or adult who demonstrates proficiency in Morse Code. The strip may be worn on the uniform.

International spirit award

International Spirit Award for Venturers

The International Spirit Award recognizes Scouts who learn more about Scouting around the world. By doing the requirements for this award, Venturers learn to appreciate different cultures.

james m stewart award

James M. Stewart Good Citizenship Award

The purpose of this award is to introduce Scouts to the life of a great American, James M. Stewart. The Jimmy Stewart Museum is offering this award to a Scout or Scouter who has exemplified the characteristics necessary to live the life of a good citizen.

Venturing Nova Awards

Venturing Nova Awards and Supernova Awards

Nova Awards are the BSA Awards focused on STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Supernova Venturing Awards recognize young men and women in Venturing who go further in their STEM explorations.

Venturing World Conservation Award

Venturers working on the World Conservation Award learn to “think globally” and “act locally” while exploring the impact of humans on the environment. To earn this award, Venturers must complete the Ecology elective for the Ranger award, learn more about how events and conditions impact the environment, and teach others about the inter-connectivity between humans and the natural world.

Cyber Chip Program

The BSA Cyber Chip program encourages Scouts to learn how to use their electronic devices safely. Some of the issues the program addresses are protecting personal information, cyber bullying, appropriate use of social media, cell phones, texting, and netiquette.

Emergency Preparedness BSA

Venturers who prepare themselves for emergencies can earn this award. To complete the requirements for the Emergency Preparedness BSA award, a young man or woman must take a first aid course, participate in emergency preparedness training, and conduct an emergency preparedness event.

Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award

Scouts of all ages are guided by the Outdoor Code and the principles of Leave No Trace when they participate in outdoor activities. Members of Scouts BSA, Venturers, and adult Scouters can earn the Outdoor Ethics Awareness award to learn about being responsible citizens while outdoors.

50 Miler Award

The 50 Miler award recognizes young men and women in Scouts BSA and Venturing who hike, paddle, or ride a total of 50 miles over at least 5 consecutive days. The trek must be completed without using motors. Riding can be cycling or horseback riding. To earn the award, members of your unit must plan and participate in a service project.

Kayaking BSA Award

The Kayaking BSA Award recognizes Scouts and Venturers who have developed the skills for a safe kayaking experience. Kayaking is so much fun!

Historic Trails Program

This award recognizes young men and women in Scouts BSA and Venturing who have planned and executed a historic outdoor activity in cooperation with a local society.

National Outdoor Awards Adventure Segment

To complete the requirements for the National Outdoor Award Adventure Segment, a Scout or Venturer must learn to be prepared during outdoor adventures. He or she must also complete a challenging backpacking, paddling, sailing, climbing, or other high-adventure activity. See the specifics , along with some related helps and awards.

National Outdoor Awards – Aquatics Segment

To complete the requirements for the National Outdoor Award Adventure Segment, a Scout or Venturer must be a proficient swimmer, have some lifesaving skills, complete the mile swim, and spend some time enjoying aquatics adventures such as swimming, paddling, fishing, or scuba diving.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Award

The Stand Up Paddleboarding Award recognizes Scouts who have developed the skills to safely enjoy the aquatic activity of paddleboarding.

Mile Swim BSA

Scouts who swim a mile under the supervision of a certified BSA Aquatics Instructor may be presented with the Mile Swim BSA award. The patch is meant to be worn on swim trunks, on the left side.

Scuba BSA

Scuba is a fun way to explore the underwater world. Members of Scouts BSA, Venturers, and adult Scouters can earn the Scuba BSA award by learning to dive safely and putting their skills to use.

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