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Other Venturing Awards

Venturing is a program that offers a wide range of awards and recognitions for its members. In addition to the core Venturing awards (Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, Summit) and the specialty Venturing awards (Ranger, Quest, TRUST), there are several other awards that Venturers can earn to showcase their skills and achievements. These additional Venturing awards provide youth with opportunities to explore new areas of interest and gain valuable experiences.

Each of these awards offers Venturers the opportunity to develop new skills, contribute to their community, and gain recognition for their accomplishments. Whether it’s through service, outdoor activities, or specialized training, Venturing awards provide a framework for personal growth and achievement.

Venturing Awards for Citizenship and Community

Den Chief Service Award

The Den Chief Service Award is a prestigious recognition for Venturers who dedicate themselves to serving a Cub Scout den for a minimum of one year. To be eligible for this award, Venturers must undergo training and actively participate in their Venturing Crew. The award itself consists of a red, white, and blue cord that is worn on the left shoulder, just below the epaulet. In addition to the cord, recipients also receive a certificate to commemorate their achievement. The Den Chief Service Award highlights the importance of leadership, mentorship, and service within the Venturing program.

Recruiter Strip Requirements

To be eligible to wear the Recruiter Strip, Venturers must have invited someone to join Venturing, such as a friend, neighbor, relative, or classmate. This strip serves as a recognition for their efforts in recruiting new members to the program. It can be worn on the uniform above the “Boy Scouts of America” strip. The Recruiter Strip is a great way to showcase a Venturer’s dedication to growing the Venturing community and encouraging others to experience the benefits of the program. So, if you’ve successfully recruited someone, don’t forget to proudly display your Recruiter Strip.

Interpreter Strips

These Venturing awards are a unique way for Scouts to showcase their language skills. These strips are worn above the “Boy Scouts of America” strip on the uniform and indicate the languages that a Scout is familiar with. This recognition is not limited to any specific age group and can be earned by Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and adults alike. By wearing an interpreter strip, Scouts demonstrate their ability to communicate and connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It’s a great way to celebrate diversity and promote understanding within the scouting community.

Morse Code Interpreter Strip

Morse Code Interpreter Strip

The Morse Code Interpreter Strip is a special recognition offered by the Boy Scouts of America. It is available to both youth and adults who demonstrate proficiency in Morse Code. This unique strip can be worn on the uniform, showcasing the individual’s skill in this historic form of communication. Morse Code is not only a fascinating skill to learn, but it also has practical applications in emergency situations and can be a valuable asset in the scouting community. By earning the Morse Code Interpreter Strip, Scouts can proudly display their mastery of this timeless language.

International spirit award

International Spirit Award for Venturers

The International Spirit Award for Venturers is a prestigious recognition that celebrates Venturers who actively engage in learning about Scouting from around the world. By completing the requirements for this award, Venturers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for different cultures and Scouting traditions. This award encourages Venturers to explore the global Scouting community, fostering a sense of international camaraderie and unity. Through their participation in this program, Venturers develop a broader perspective and become more culturally aware individuals. The International Spirit Award for Venturers is a testament to their commitment to embracing diversity and promoting global understanding within the Scouting movement.

james m stewart award

James M. Stewart Good Citizenship Award

The James M. Stewart Good Citizenship Award is a unique opportunity for Venturers to learn about the life and legacy of James M. Stewart, a renowned American figure. This award, presented by the Jimmy Stewart Museum, recognizes Venturers who embody the qualities and values of a good citizen. By participating in this program, Venturers gain a deeper understanding of the importance of civic engagement and community service. Through exploring the life of James M. Stewart, Venturers are inspired to make a positive impact in their communities and strive to become responsible and active citizens. This award serves as a testament to their commitment to upholding the principles of good citizenship.

Venturing Awards for Science, Conservation, and Safety

Venturing Nova Awards

Venturing Nova Awards and Supernova Awards

These Venturing awards are prestigious recognitions that highlight the achievements of young men and women in Venturing who excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Nova Venturing Awards, specifically designed by the BSA, encourage Venturers to explore and engage with STEM subjects. These awards provide opportunities for Venturers to develop their skills and knowledge in various STEM disciplines. On the other hand, Supernova Awards recognize Venturers who go above and beyond in their STEM explorations, demonstrating exceptional dedication and expertise. These Venturing awards not only showcase the Venturers’ passion for STEM but also inspire others to pursue their own scientific interests.

Venturing World Conservation Award

The Venturing World Conservation Award is an opportunity for Venturers to develop a global perspective on environmental issues. By completing the Ecology elective for the Ranger award, Venturers gain a deeper understanding of the impact of human activities on the environment. They also learn about the various events and conditions that affect ecosystems. In addition, Venturers are encouraged to share their knowledge and educate others about the interdependence between humans and the natural world. This award not only promotes environmental awareness but also empowers Venturers to take action and make a positive difference in their local communities.

Outdoor Ethics Awards

Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award

The Outdoor Ethics Awards in Venturing build upon the principles of the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace. These Venturing awards provide an opportunity for Venturers to deepen their understanding of responsible outdoor practices and become stewards of the environment. By earning the Outdoor Ethics Awareness award, Venturers learn about their role as responsible citizens in outdoor settings. They gain knowledge on minimizing their impact on the environment, practicing proper outdoor ethics, and promoting sustainability. This award empowers Venturers to lead by example and inspire others to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Venturing Awards for Adventure

50 Miler Award

The 50 Miler Award is a prestigious recognition for Venturers who demonstrate their endurance and outdoor skills by completing a 50-mile journey over at least 5 consecutive days. This challenging trek can be accomplished through hiking, paddling, or riding, with the latter including cycling or horseback riding. It’s important to note that the use of motors is not allowed during the expedition, emphasizing the reliance on physical effort and self-sufficiency. In addition to the physical feat, earning the 50 Miler Award also requires Venturers to plan and participate in a service project, fostering a sense of community and giving back to others.

Kayaking BSA Award

The Kayaking BSA Award is a prestigious recognition for Venturers who have developed the necessary skills for a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience. Kayaking offers a thrilling and adventurous way to explore waterways and connect with nature. Venturers who earn this award demonstrate their proficiency in kayaking techniques, water safety, and navigation. They learn how to handle different types of kayaks, paddle efficiently, and respond to various water conditions. By earning the Kayaking BSA Award, Venturers gain confidence in their abilities and become responsible stewards of the environment, promoting the importance of water conservation and preservation.

Historic Trails Program

The Historic Trails Program in Venturing is a prestigious award that recognizes the efforts of young men and women who have planned and executed a historic outdoor activity in collaboration with a local society. This program encourages Venturers to explore and appreciate the rich history of their communities and engage in activities that promote historical preservation and education. By participating in the Historic Trails Program, Venturers not only gain a deeper understanding of their local history but also develop valuable leadership and organizational skills. This award serves as a testament to their dedication and commitment to preserving and celebrating the past.

national outdoor awards adventure

National Outdoor Awards Adventure Segment

To complete the requirements for the National Outdoor Award Adventure Segment, a Scout or Venturer must not only learn to be prepared during outdoor adventures but also demonstrate their skills by completing a challenging backpacking, paddling, sailing, climbing, or other high-adventure activity. This segment of the National Outdoor Awards program encourages young individuals to push their limits and engage in thrilling outdoor activities that test their physical and mental abilities. By participating in these adventures, Scouts and Venturers develop important life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience. The National Outdoor Award Adventure Segment is a testament to their dedication and passion for outdoor exploration and adventure.

national outdoor awards aquatics

National Outdoor Awards – Aquatics Segment

To complete the National Outdoor Award Aquatics Segment, Scouts and Venturers must demonstrate proficiency in swimming and lifesaving skills. Additionally, they must complete the mile swim and engage in various aquatics adventures, such as swimming, paddling, fishing, or scuba diving. This segment encourages participants to develop their aquatic abilities and enjoy the wonders of water-based activities. By honing their swimming skills and exploring different aquatic adventures, Scouts and Venturers not only gain confidence in the water but also learn important safety measures. The National Outdoor Award Aquatics Segment recognizes their dedication to mastering aquatic skills and embracing the joys of water-based exploration.

National Outdoor Awards – Camping Segment

The National Outdoor Awards – Camping Segment is designed to recognize Venturers who have a passion for outdoor activities, particularly camping. This award acknowledges those who not only engage in frequent camping trips but also possess the necessary skills to ensure their comfort and safety in a camp setting. By participating in various camping adventures, Venturers develop their outdoor skills, learn to adapt to different environments, and foster a deep appreciation for nature. The National Outdoor Awards – Camping Segment celebrates the dedication and expertise of Venturers who truly embrace the spirit of outdoor exploration and adventure.

national outdoor awards conservation

National Outdoor Awards – Conservation Segment

The National Outdoor Awards – Conservation Segment is an exceptional program that empowers Venturers to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts. This segment of the award focuses on skill development, ethical understanding, and hands-on experience in conservation practices. Venturers have the opportunity to learn about various conservation techniques, such as habitat restoration, wildlife preservation, and sustainable resource management. By actively engaging in these activities, Venturers not only contribute to the preservation of our natural world but also develop a deep appreciation for the importance of environmental stewardship. The National Outdoor Awards – Conservation Segment is a testament to the commitment and dedication of Venturers in protecting and conserving our planet.

national outdoor awards hiking

National Outdoor Awards – Hiking Segment

The National Outdoor Awards – Hiking Segment is an exciting opportunity for Venturers to explore the world of hiking and backpacking. In order to earn this segment, Venturers must first gain knowledge about hiking and backpacking techniques. They will then have the chance to put their skills into practice by logging a minimum of 100 miles through hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing. This segment not only encourages physical activity and outdoor exploration but also fosters a sense of self-reliance and perseverance. By completing the National Outdoor Awards – Hiking Segment, Venturers will develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and challenges of the natural world.

National Outdoor Awards – Riding Segment

The National Outdoor Awards – Riding Segment offers Venturers the opportunity to explore various outdoor activities involving riding. This segment encompasses horseback riding, bike riding, motor-boating, or skating. Venturers can choose their preferred riding activity and gain valuable skills and knowledge in that area. Whether it’s learning to ride a horse, mastering bike trails, navigating a motorboat, or perfecting skating techniques, this segment encourages Venturers to embrace the thrill and adventure of riding. By completing the National Outdoor Awards – Riding Segment, Venturers will not only develop their riding skills but also cultivate a deeper connection with the outdoors and the joy of exploring through riding activities.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Award

Stand Up Paddleboarding, also known as SUP, is a popular water sport that combines balance, strength, and tranquility. The Stand Up Paddleboarding Award recognizes Venturers who have developed the skills to safely enjoy this aquatic activity. By mastering the art of paddleboarding, Venturers not only enhance their physical fitness but also gain a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Whether gliding across calm waters or riding waves, paddleboarding offers a unique and exhilarating experience. Through this award, Venturers can showcase their proficiency in paddleboarding and inspire others to embrace this exciting outdoor activity.

mile swim bsa

Mile Swim BSA

Venturers who are up for a swimming challenge can earn the prestigious Mile Swim BSA award. This award recognizes those who have the determination and skill to swim a mile under the supervision of a certified BSA Aquatics Instructor. It’s not just about the distance, but also about demonstrating endurance, technique, and water safety. Once earned, the Mile Swim BSA patch can be proudly worn on the left side of swim trunks or shorts, serving as a symbol of accomplishment and a reminder of the Venturer’s commitment to aquatic excellence. Dive in and make a splash with the Mile Swim BSA award!

Scuba BSA

Venturers who are interested in exploring the underwater world can earn the Scuba BSA award. This award allows them to learn the necessary skills to dive safely and confidently. Through Scuba BSA, Venturers will not only gain knowledge about scuba diving techniques and equipment, but they will also have the opportunity to put their skills to use in real-life diving experiences. Whether it’s exploring coral reefs, discovering marine life, or investigating underwater wrecks, the Scuba BSA award offers Venturers an exciting and educational adventure beneath the surface of the water. Dive into the world of scuba diving and unlock a whole new realm of exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions about other Venturing Awards

What are the basic requirements for earning Venturing awards?

Venturing awards have different requirements based on the award’s focus. Generally, they involve skills development, leadership tasks, conservation, adventure, and community service.

Can these other Venturing awards be earned simultaneously?

You can work on some requirements for most of these other supplemental Venturing awards simultaneously.

How do these other Venturing awards tie into rank advancement?

These other Venturing awards are separate from rank advancements. However, certain awards might count towards other Scouting recognitions, such as the outdoor awards.

Is there a time limit for completing these other Venturing awards?

There is no set time limit, but Venturers usually have until they turn 21 to earn these Venturing awards.

Are there any age restrictions for these other Venturing awards?

You can begin earning Venturing awards as soon as you join a Venturing crew, typically around age 14. You can earn them until you turn 21. In some cases you can also do some of the requirements when you are younger, as a member as Scouts BSA.

What role do Advisors play in Venturing awards?

Advisors guide Venturers in their journey, helping them understand requirements and approve completed tasks. They’re a crucial support system for earning Venturing awards.

Can I earn these other Venturing awards if I’m already in another BSA program?

Yes, you can be in other BSA programs like Scouts BSA or Sea Scouts and still earn Venturing awards, as long as you meet the specific requirements for each.

How are these other Venturing awards recognized?

Venturing awards are typically recognized in court of honor ceremonies. You may receive certificates, medals, or patches to display on your uniform.

Are service hours required for these other Venturing awards?

Yes, many Venturing awards require a certain number of community service hours. See the specific requirements for the Venturing awards above.

Do these other Venturing awards have any academic benefits?

The NOVA Venturing awards are directly tied to STEM learning. And many other Venturing awards, while not directly linked to academics, the skills and leadership experience gained can be valuable for college applications and job resumes.


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