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Puzzles and Printables

Puzzles make learning new concepts more fun. They are also a good way to reinforce ideas which Scouts might be starting to forget.

Find some puzzles, fortune teller templates, and more printables below.

Have you created a puzzle or printable which you would like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.


Environmental Science Crossword Puzzle

Environmental Science Crossword Puzzle

This environmental science crossword puzzle contains 19 words and definitions related to environmental science. This vocabulary is specifically needed for the Environmental Science merit badge, but it is also appropriate for any topic related to conservation.

Soccer Word Search Puzzle

Soccer Word Search Puzzle

This soccer word search puzzle can be used as an introduction to any soccer or sports themed meeting or event. The word search has 30 soccer vocabulary words. . A key is also provided.

Constitution Puzzle Word Search

Constitution Puzzle – Word Search

This constitution puzzle is a word search which contains words and phrases related to the United States Constitution. Use it with your citizenship requirements.

Chess Terminology Scramble Puzzle

This is a word scramble puzzle to reinforce the meanings of some chess terms.

Scouts BSA Basics Crossword for Webelos and Scouts

A crossword puzzle for Webelos working on their Arrow of Light award or for new Scouts BSA who are working toward their Scout rank. This puzzle has clues from the Scout oath, law, motto, and slogan.

bicycle safety crossword puzzle

Bicycle Safety Crossword Puzzle

This simple bicycle safety crossword puzzle introduces bike safety concepts. Use it to start a discussion about safe cycling with your Scouts. It includes a list of words to use in the puzzle.

Values Crossword Puzzle

The 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting were replaced by the 12 points of the Scout Law a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still use the core values as examples of good values. So use this…

Astronomy Word Search Puzzle

This astronomy word search puzzle features space exploration terms. Use it as a gathering activity at a space themed meeting or for an astronomy related achievement.

Scout Law Word Search

Scout Law Word Search Puzzle

The Scout Law stands as a unifying thread, weaving together Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers under the same set of values. Learning and embracing the Scout Law is vital for Scouts of all ages, as it serves as a moral compass guiding them towards becoming responsible and upstanding individuals. Introducing the Scout Law word search puzzle at meetings becomes a fun and engaging way to reinforce these principles, whether it’s for seasoned Scouts deepening their understanding or new recruits familiarizing themselves with the program. This enjoyable warm-up activity fosters a sense of camaraderie and sets the stage for an exciting Scouting journey filled with trust, loyalty, kindness, and adventure for every participant.

Printable Fortune Tellers

United States Flag Cootie Catcher

History of the United States Flag Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller

Barb sent in this template and instructions for making a cootie catcher make a history of the US flag cootie catcher to help Cub Scouts. A cootie catcher, also called a fortune teller, is an origami construct which can be used to ask and answer questions.

Kindness Fortune Teller

I needed a couple of activities for a recent meeting based on the Planting Seeds of Kindness theme. So one thing we did was make kindness fortune tellers (also known as cootie catchers.)

Bingo Games

state capitals bingo game

State Capitals Game: Bingo Cards

One theme for teaching citizenship is the Fifty Great States theme. This state capitals game with bingo would be a fun game or gathering activity to go with this theme. You can play this game with states or capitals on the bingo cards or the call cards. You can choose which combination of bingo cards and call cards you would like to use. A video explanation is also available.

Halloween Picture Bingo

Halloween Bingo Cards

Halloween Picture Bingo is a printable game where players aim to cover four images in a row on their bingo cards using Halloween candy as markers. To prepare, print and cut the provided bingo cards. Each image on the cards is paired with a unique number for identification. During the game, a designated caller draws and announces pictures and numbers from a pile of call cards. Players cover the announced images on their cards. Multiple rounds can be played, and candy markers are a treat for players at the end. Players are advised not to eat markers during the game to avoid disruptions.

Boy Scout Bingo

Bingo Cards for Scouts BSA (Boy Scout Bingo)

These printable Scout bingo cards help familiarize Scouts with the Scout Law, Eagle required merit badges, some of the fun adventures they can look forward to, ranks, and more. Use them with Webelos who are getting ready to cross over to a troop or with new members of your unit.

Other Printables

Compliment Cards Coloring Pages

Compliment Cards Coloring Pages

This is a gathering activity I made to go with the Planting Seeds of Kindness theme. These are blank printable coloring sheets for making compliment cards. The Cub Scouts can color them. Then they cut them apart and give them to people they would like to compliment.

constellation match game

Constellation Matching Game

This constellation matching game printable will add fun to any astronomy focused meeting or achievement. It will also familiarize youth with some of the constellations. The drawings behind the constellations will help them understand why they are named for people or animals.

Thank You Note Template

Thank You Note Template for Thanking a Special Person

It is really important for kids to learn how to say “Thank You”. Gratitude is something which needs to be taught, and Cub Scouts is a perfect forum for doing this.

Family Tree Template

Helping Scouts look back at their family heritage fits in with the Turn Back the Time program theme. Scouts can download this printable family tree template to write in their family back to their great grandparents.

First Aid Baseball

First Aid Baseball Game

First aid baseball is a fun way to review first aid skills with Scouts BSA and Webelos. There are instructions for the game and a set of question cards included in the printable file.


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