Candy Cane Cookies

Candy Cane Cookies Recipe

ZM really enjoy making holiday treats. To him, if it has a special shape, that makes baking extra fun. So these are a good Christmas treat to make with Cub Scouts. They don’t have a strong mint flavor, but are more like a sugar cookie.

Bears can use this recipe to fulfill requirement 9A: With an adult, bake cookies. Wolves can use it as part of Achievement 8: Cooking and Eating.

Candy Cane Cookies

½ cup butter
½ cup shortening
1 cup powdered sugar
1 egg
1 ½ tsp almond extract
1 tsp vanilla
2 ½ cups flour
1 tsp salt
½ tsp red food coloring
½ cup crushed peppermint candy
½ cup granulated sugar

1. Heat oven to 375.
2. Mix butter, shortening, sugar, egg, and flavorings.
3. Sitr in flour and salt.
4. Divide dough in half.
5. Add the red food coloring to one half of the dough.
6. Using about 1 tsp of white dough, roll a 4 inch strip.
7. Repeat with 1 tsp of the red dough.
8. Place the strips side by side and twist together.
9. Place on cookie sheet, curving it to make it look like a candy cane.
10. Make more with the remaining dough.
11. Sprinkle with sugar and crushed candy.
12. Bake for 9 minutes.

Makes about 4 dozen.


2 Responses to Candy Cane Cookies Recipe

  1. Karen Hampton November 30, 2014 at 3:07 PM #

    Is the 1/2 cup sugar at the end of the ingredients the amount of sugar that I’m supposed to add in step 2 of the directions?

    • Scouter Mom December 5, 2014 at 2:54 PM #

      That gets sprinkled on the cookies. The sugar to mix in was left off. I added it to the list. Thanks!

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