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Donut Snowmen Craft/Recipe

This donut snowmen idea for Cub Scouts is both a craft and a snack. Make them out of powdered sugar donuts, some pretzels, and a few other easy to find ingredients.

It is easy for your Cub Scouts to make and only takes a few minutes. You could even use this as a gathering activity.

Donut Snowmen

These cute doughnut snowmen are easy to assemble and fun to eat.


  • 3 small powder sugar donuts
  • 3 thin pretzel sticks
  • a few mini chocolate chips
  • tube of red decorator icing not the gel, can share this item


  • Put a donut on a plate and stick a pretzel stick through the hole in the middle of the donut.
  • Stack two more donuts on top, pushing the pretzel stick through them as you go.
  • You should now have a stack of three donuts with a pretzel stick in the middle holding them together. Add two more pretzel sticks as arms.
  • Push in mini chocolate chips for a face and buttons. (This was the most difficult part. Push them all the way in so they don’t fall out.)
  • Use the red icing to make a hat on top.
  • Admire.

Donut Fishing Game

This donut fishing game will get everyone laughing. It is only a little messy, so it can easily be done indoors. The basic idea is that a person must eat a donut off of a string. There is also a challenge version of this game.

Recipes for Cub Scouts in the Kitchen

More Recipes for Cub Scouts in the Kitchen

Cub Scouts love to cook. There are several Cub Scout adventures related to cooking. And even if you aren’t working on an adventure, helping to prepare a healthy and fun snack or meal promotes independence. And it might also encourage a Cub Scout to try something new.


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  1. Sauquoit Pack 50 Avatar
    Sauquoit Pack 50

    Will be making at or pack meeting this week. We have 65 scouts…. Awesome activity and snack!

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