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Skits for Campfire Programs and Other Gatherings

Every campfire program should have plenty of skits. They also make a great intermission in a meeting. Sometimes they teach a lesson, sometimes they don’t, but they are always fun.

Skits also help youth learn communication skills. Scouts who put on skits will become more comfortable in front of an audience. Youth who find giving presentations difficult might find it easier to be up front if they are in a different persona.

And skits at camp provide entertainment in an environment away from technology.

What’s your favorite skit? Do you have a video of it?  Ask Scouter Mom a question or share your ideas with others

The most popular skits on this website are listed below.

Simple Skits for Younger Kids

we dont have a skit skit

We Don’t Have a Skit Skit

In this humorous skit, designed for four or more Scouts and requiring no props, a sequence of Scouts enter the stage, each visibly upset. As they congregate, their sorrow escalates, drawing the audience into their apparent distress. The mystery unravels when the final Scout inquires about their collective dismay, revealing the punchline: “We don’t have a skit.” This skit not only evokes laughter but also cleverly demonstrates the Scouts’ improvisational skills and the spirit of teamwork, encapsulating the essence of scouting camaraderie and creative problem-solving.

I Have to Go Wee Skit

I Have to Go Wee

In this engaging performance, a group of Scouts, along with their leader, enact a classic nighttime scenario. Lined up as if in their sleeping bags, the tranquility of their pretend sleep is humorously disrupted by one Scout’s need to “go wee.” The request is whispered from Scout to Scout until it reaches the leader, who insists they’ve just been. The message shuttles back and forth, amplifying the comedy, until the leader finally relents. The Scout jubilantly celebrates the permission with a playful “Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!” before the group settles back into “sleep,” leaving the audience amused by the simple yet effective portrayal of camaraderie and light-hearted problem-solving.

Going on a bear hunt

Going on a Bear Hunt

This catchy call-and-response activity captivates participants with its adventurous theme of a bear hunt, encouraging exaggerated actions and imaginative play. Participants echo the leader’s lines, vividly acting out traversing grass, rivers, mud, a forest, a snowstorm, and finally a cave, only to encounter a bear and hurriedly retrace their steps home. The journey emphasizes overcoming obstacles with determination and creativity, all within a storyline that promotes teamwork and engagement. It’s an energetic way to bring groups together, teaching persistence in a fun-filled manner, making it a favorite for camps, classrooms, and scout meetings alike.

Hunting for Thanksgiving Dinner Skit

Hunting for Thanksgiving Dinner

In this playful performance, Scouts engage in a mock hunt for Thanksgiving dinner, using empty pizza boxes as their prize. Starting with one Scout, the group gradually grows as more join the quest, each new member bringing added humor, especially when admonished to be quiet in a comically loud voice. The skit builds anticipation, with participants sneaking around in search of their feast. The reveal of pizza boxes as the “catch” of the day prompts delighted reactions, showcasing the Scouts’ creativity and camaraderie. This light-hearted act not only entertains but also emphasizes teamwork and the joy of shared experiences.

Persevering Pioneers Skit

Persevering Pioneers

Through various actions cued by the narrator, the Scouts simulate the challenges faced by the pioneers, such as harsh weather conditions, limited resources, and threats from wildlife. The skit emphasizes the values of being brave in facing challenges, thrifty in making the most out of resources, and helpful to others. The skit ends with a humorous and unexpected twist when a group of Scouts charges across the stage, causing the volunteers to run offstage in fear.

Longer Scripts

Skittles Skit


In this amusing performance, Scout 1 converses with multiple Scouts, each sharing their adventurous tales of acquiring Skittles from unconventional places—lakes, bears, fires, trees, and mud. The intrigue and humor escalate with each Scout’s account, highlighting their creativity and the lengths they go to for Skittles. The climax arrives with Scout 2’s entrance, disheveled and unrecognizable. When asked for his identity, the punchline delivers a delightful twist: “I’m Skittles!” This skit playfully explores the Scouts’ imaginative adventures, ending with a humorous revelation that ties all the stories together.

I’ve Come to Marry the Princess

In this creative and dynamic skit, two Scouts play multiple roles, cleverly using props and a line of chairs to signify different characters within a royal narrative. The story unfolds with a suitor seeking the princess’s hand in marriage, navigating a humorous chain of command from doorman to king, queen, and finally, the princess herself. Each transition is marked by the actors swiftly changing positions and voices to embody each new character. The twist comes with the princess’s initial refusal, leading to a comically exaggerated response from the suitor. The skit concludes on a lighter note, with wealth becoming the key to a happy ending, showcasing the Scouts’ versatility and the power of imaginative storytelling.

Making a Film

In this playful scenario, a director sets out to create a film, choosing a classic or thematic story, perhaps aligning with a seasonal or program theme. Initially, actors perform the chosen narrative straightforwardly, under the watchful eye of a “cameraman” capturing the moment. However, the director’s vision leads to multiple retakes, each requested in an exaggerated and different style—be it a musical, martial arts homage, or any creatively suggested genre. This process repeats, amplifying the humor with each iteration, until the director is finally satisfied. Yet, in a comedic twist, the celebration halts when the cameraman sheepishly admits to running out of film, ending the endeavor with a laugh.

Puppet Play – Holmes and Watson Go To Webelos Camp

During their adventure at Webelos Camp, Holmes and Watson enjoyed activities like BB shooting, archery, swimming, and even crafted a cardboard boat. Exhausted, they settled for the night. Holmes’s inquiry about the night sky led Watson to reflect on the universe’s vastness. However, Holmes humorously concluded that the visible moon and stars meant their tent was missing, likely taken by raccoons. This twist highlights their contrasting perspectives: Watson’s deep reflection versus Holmes’s practical observation, adding a light-hearted ending to their day of scouting fun.

Zombie Skit

Zombie Skit

In this comical scenario, a Scout and Scout Leader navigate a night of camping without enough tents, leading to an unexpected encounter with playful “zombies.” The Scout, left to sleep under the stars, is humorously pursued by zombies, seeking to “capture” him, not once but multiple times. Despite the Scout’s pleas for help, the Scout Leader remains nonchalantly dismissive until agreeing to switch sleeping places. However, the zombies cleverly decide to target the Scout again, now inside the tent, continuing their lighthearted chase. This playful tale ends with the Scout’s dramatic exit, highlighting the fun and imaginative spirit of scouting activities.


Banana Bandana Skit

Banana Bandana Skit

In a humorous mix-up, scouts are led by an announcer to demonstrate the versatility of a bandana, while one scouter mistakenly uses a banana, following along with actions like wiping sweat and drying hands. The confusion escalates as the scouter with the banana replicates every suggested use, leading to a comical mess. Amid puzzled looks from the scouts and obliviousness from the announcer, the situation peaks when the banana-scouter questions how to pocket the now squished fruit. The reveal of the banana-bandana mix-up delivers a light-hearted conclusion, showcasing the fun and laughter in scout gatherings.

Cool and Creamy Skit/Song

In this playful performance, participants take turns singing verses about where they would like shaving cream applied—on their shirt, in their hair, shoes, and more, each affirmation leading to a comical squirt of shaving cream at the specified location. The catchy refrain “Cool and Creamy” sets a lighthearted tone, inviting laughter and anticipation with each new verse. This entertaining exchange not only showcases creativity but also the joy in simple, spirited interactions. A delightful way to engage an audience, it underscores the fun of impromptu acts and the endless possibilities for humor in scouting activities.


How to Build a Fire Skit

How to Build a Fire

In this humorous presentation, two Scouts demonstrate building a fire, starting with an unconventional choice of tinder: belly button lint, humorously represented by a cotton ball. The scenario escalates comically as they attempt to gather increasingly specific sizes of sticks, highlighting a common misunderstanding about fire-building materials. The punchline lands when Scout 1, frustrated by the precise requirements, goes off to gather materials himself, only to return and find Scout 2 has already built a successful fire and is warming his hands, leaving Scout 1 exasperated at the turn of events. This playful interaction emphasizes teamwork and problem-solving with a light-hearted twist.


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    I love skits for campfire programs and other gatherings! They are so much fun and help to keep everyone entertained.

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    college Brawl

    I loved the ideas for skits for campfire programs and other gatherings in this post! As a Scout leader, I’m always looking for fresh and fun ways to engage our youth. The skit ideas provided in this post are perfect for our next campout. Thanks for sharing!

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