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Mystifying Paper Osmosis Trick

A magic trick will add some fun to your meeting. For this simple trick you will need an accomplice who is capable of not telling everyone he is helping you.

Mystifying Paper Osmosis Trick


  • One index card for each participant
  • Pencils and pens
  • Basket


  1. Pass out the index cards and pens and have each person write a three or four word phrase on it. They should not show anyone else what they wrote.
  2. Everyone folds their card up and places it in a basket on a table next to you. Your accomplice should put his folded paper behind the basket, so the audience can’t see it.
  3. Pick one of the folded cards out of the basket and press it to your forhead. Explain that the words are entering your brain through osmosis.
  4. For the first card, announce a made up phrase and ask who wrote it. Your accomplice should speak up and say “That’s mine!” no matter what you actually said.
  5. Open up the paper like you are verifying it and nod your head like it is correct. Take note of what is written on the paper.
  6. Hold another folded paper up to your head. This time, say the phrase on the paper you just unfolded and read. Ask who wrote it. Since somebody actually wrote the phrase, they should speak up.
  7. Open up the paper you were holding, make note of what is written on it, and continue.
  8. Keep going until all of the papers have been opened. The last paper you pick up should be your accomplices paper from behind the basket. If they notice it was not in the basket, just explain that it must have fallen out. It does not matter what is on the final paper, since you will be saying the phrase from the paper before.


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