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Making a Film Skit

The Making a Film skit is one of the most versatile skits in a Scout’s arsenal. It can be adjusted to any theme or holiday. I’m giving a description rather than a script for this one because it is different every time I see it.

Making a Film Skit

Players: Director, Camera Man and several actors

The director announces that he is making a film. It is usually a remake of a classic movie. So you can pick  a favorite movie or something related to your program theme. You can pick something silly. At Christmas time you could pick something like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman. I’ve even seen this done where the story was the I’ve Come to Marry the Princess skit, which made this a skit within a skit.

The director tells the actors what the subject is and then yells “Action”. The first time through, the actors act it out normally. They run through a brief version of the story being told. All the while the cameraman is “filming” it.

At the end, the director comes out and yells something like “No, no, no! That wasn’t how I imagined it at all. We need to do it differently. Do it like …” and he tells them to do it some style. Some examples of styles:

  • musical
  • Jackie Chan
  • ballerinas
  • mimes
  • western
  • zombies
  • Star Wars
  • with some silly props

You get the idea. So they act it out another time in a different style. It should be really over the top. At the end, the director comes out and says it still wasn’t right.  He tells them to do it again in another style. He can continue doing this as time allows.

The last time through he says “Finally! That was perfect!” Everyone except the cameraman celebrates. The camera man keeps looking at his camera. The director asks the cameraman to replay the film for everyone. The camera man looks guilty and says “Sorry, I ran out of film.”


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