Dark Magic Mind Reading Trick

Dark Magic Mind Reading Trick

Tricks and stunts are good for bringing a break to a den meeting or pack meeting.

This magic trick will amaze your Scouts. They might be able to figure it out after a few tries, but that is part of the fun. It is very easy to perform and doesn’t require a lot of preparation.

This works especially well at a meeting which involves a lot of sitting, listening, or concentration work. If you give them a break, they will be able to sit a little longer. Just don’t forget to figure in a little time to settle back down.

Dark Magic Mind Reading Trick


  • Various objects. At least two of the objects should be black.


Enlist the assistance of a secret helper beforehand. This is a great job for a Den Chief if you are doing this with your Cub Scout den. Explain how the trick works to the helper so he can assist you without anyone else knowing.


  1. Put your objects on the table. Invite the Scouts to also place some objects on the table.
  2. Leave the room.
  3. Have one of the Scouts select an object.
  4. When you come back in, your secret helper will be the person pointing to objects on the table. He will seemingly randomly point to the objects and you will say “No, that is not the object.”
  5. At some point he will point to a black object. The next object he points to will be the object which was chosen and you will say “Yes, I have read your mind. That is the object.”
  6. Repeat the trick a few times.


Really ham it up. Scouts love that.

You will have to be a little sneaky about making sure your secret helper is the one pointing at the objects. Try not to make it obvious that you are in cahoots.

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