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Cool and Creamy Skit/Song

This is a funny skit just because it is so messy. I have seen this performed by Cub Scout camp staff many times. Cub Scouts love watching their counselors cover each other in shaving cream!

Be creative with where you put the shaving cream. And make sure you have a spare clean uniform. 🙂

The tune for the song is the same as Alouette.

Cool and Creamy Skit/Song

Two (or more) people walk on stage. Each has a can of shaving cream. They sing the refrain together. For the verses, two people alternate the lines. Then the first person squirts the second person with shaving cream where the verse indicates. 


Cool and Creamy
We like cool and creamy
Cool and creamy
We like it the best!


Would you like some on your shirt?
Yes I’d like some on my shirt!
On your shirt?
On my shirt!

Would you like some in your hair?
Yes I’d like some in my hair!
In your hair?
In my hair!

Would you like some in your shoes?
Yes I’d like some in my shoes!
In your shoes?
In my shoes!

More verse ideas include sock, nose, pockets, collar, etc. The possibilities are almost endless!


5 responses to “Cool and Creamy Skit/Song”

  1. Christopher Allen Avatar
    Christopher Allen

    Sounds like a good camp skit, since they’re usually dirty anyway. I think I”ll try this with my AHG troop in April.

    1. murphy Avatar

      thank you

  2. davey Avatar

    thank you verry much

  3. madison Avatar

    Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

  4. murphy Avatar

    i love this song

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