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Banana Bandana Skit

This is a great skit if you have a Scouter or Scout who doesn’t mind getting messy. My husband has done this skit several times with Cub Scouts and it is always funny.

The idea behind the Banana Bandana skit is that the Scouter with the banana has misunderstood the announcer. Every time the announcer says to do something with the bandana, the Scouter does it with a banana instead.

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Banana Bandana Skit

Banana Bandana Skit Players

  • One Scouter, older scout, Den Chief, to serve as the announcer
  • Several scouts, each with a bandana (neckerchiefs work)
  • One Scouter, older scout, Den Chief, with a banana

Every now and then the Scouter with the banana should say something like “Really?” or “You’ve got to be kidding me!”. He can shake his head at the announcer. The scouts can look at the Scouter with the banana like he is crazy. But the announcer should not notice that the Scouter is using a banana instead of a bandana.

Banana Bandana Skit Script

Announcer: You know Scouts, a bandana is a very good thing to have. Everyone get out your bandana, and I’ll show you how useful it can be.

The scouts all pull out their neckerchiefs. The Scouter holds the banana.

Announcer: One of the best uses for a bandana is to wipe the sweat off of your face when you are hot. Give it a try.

Everyone wipes their faces with their neckerchiefs. The Scouter rubs the banana on his face. For the following lines, everyone does what they are told, event the Scouter with the banana.

Announcer: When you are finished, you can just fold your bandana in half and stick it in your pocket.

Announcer: If it is sunny, you can put your bandana on your head to protect yourself from the rays of the sun.

Announcer: You can use it to dry your hands.

Announcer: If you need to blow your nose it comes in handy.

Announcer: If you need to sit on the ground, you can put it beneath you and sit on it.

Announcer: And when you are finished, you just stick it back in your pocket.

By this point the banana and the Scouter will be a mess.

Scouter (holding up the banana): How am I supposed to do that?

Announcer: What are you doing?

Scouter: I did everything you told me, but there is no way I am sticking this banana back in my pocket

Announcer: I said bandana, not banana!

Scouter: Ohhhhhh!

I Like Bananas, Coconuts, and Grapes Song

This song would fit in well with this skit, especially if you are doing it for Cub Scouts.

Video Resources

Mr. Rogers Banana Bandana Stunt: This is the stunt which this skit is based on. See David Copperfield learn a new trick while impersonating Mr. Rogers.


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  1. Sarah Avatar

    My friends doing this!

  2. Peggy Avatar

    This has long been one of my favorite skits. Thank you for the words!

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