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Puppet Play – Holmes and Watson Go To Webelos Camp

As I mentioned yesterday, my Webelos den has been working a puppet skit.

When they first started brainstorming, they were thinking big. They wanted to do Star Wars. A cast of thousands! Millions of props! I knew it would be behind schedule and over budget. 🙂 So my Den Chiefs convinced them to write a short play based on one of their favorite camping jokes. The script they came up with is below.

The script was read by one of the Den Chiefs. That way all the four Webelos needed to do was operate the puppets. They made stick puppets for Holmes, Watson, and raccoons. They also made prop puppets for archery equipment, BB guns, water (for swimming), a tree (scenery), the moon and stars, and a tent. And they did it themselves. For some reason, Holmes ended up wearing a gold glitter shirt and pink pants. Don’t ask me why.

Holmes and Watson Go to Webelos Camp

Holmes and Watson when to Webelos Camp. They had a great time shooting the BB guns, doing archery, swimming, and cooking. They even made a cardboard boat. At the end of the day, they were really tired, so they went to bed.

Holmes said to Watson, “Look up and tell me what you see.”.

Watson replied, “I see the moon and the stars”.

Holmes said, “And what does that tell you?”

Watson replied again, “It tells me that the world is a great and wonderful place and that I am only a small part of it. What does it tell you Holmes?”

Holmes answered Watson, “It tells me that somebody has stolen our tent! It must have been the raccoons.”


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