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Skittles Skit

One popular way scouts bring joy to others is through skits. These short, entertaining performances allow scouts to showcase their creativity and humor. Today, we’ll look into the Skittles Skit, a beloved act that will have you bursting with laughter. Let’s explore the funny exchanges and surprising twist that make this skit a hit among scouts and audiences alike!

The Skittles Skit perfectly exemplifies how scouts can combine creativity, humor, and surprise to create an unforgettable performance. Through a series of exaggerated encounters with Skittles, each scout brings their own unique twist to the skit. The unexpected introduction of Scout 2 as “Skittles” adds an extra layer of comedy, leaving the audience laughing and applauding.

This skit lends itself perfectly to den or patrol performances because it can be easily adjusted to accommodate the number of scouts involved. If you have a smaller group, each scout can take on multiple roles, adding to the humor and versatility of the skit. Additionally, this skit provides a great opportunity for scouts to unleash their creativity and come up with their own humorous encounters with Skittles.

Encourage your scouts to brainstorm and explore other funny scenarios or actions they can incorporate into the skit, allowing them to make it their own and showcase their individual talents. With a dash of imagination and the colorful world of Skittles as their backdrop, your scouts are sure to create a side-splitting performance that will leave the audience in stitches.

Scouting is not only about learning practical skills but also about building friendships and having fun. Skits like the Skittles Skit provide an opportunity for scouts to showcase their acting talents, work together as a team, and create moments of shared laughter. So, the next time you’re planning a scout event or gathering, consider including the Skittles Skit for an evening filled with laughter and joy. Let the comedic brilliance of this skit bring smiles to the faces of scouts and audiences alike!

Skittles Skit


  • Scout 1
  • Scouts A, B, C, etc
  • Scout 2


Scout 1 is standing around on stage. Scout 2 walks on.
Scout 1: What have you been doing all day?
Scout A: I fished Skittles out of a lake.
Scout 1: Fun!
Scout A walks off.

Scout B walks on.
Scout 1: Where have you been?
Scout B: I took Skittles from a bear.
Scout 1: Wow!
Scout B walks off.

Scout C walks on.
Scout 1: Where have you been?
Scout C: I pulled Skittles out of the fire.
Scout 1: Hot!
Scout C walks off.

Scout D walks on.
Scout 1: Where have you been?
Scout D: I climbed a tree to get Skittles.
Scout 1: Really!
Scout D walks off.

Scout E walks on.
Scout 1: Where have you been?
Scout E: I picked Skittles out of the mud.
Scout 1: Ew!
Scout E walks off.


Scout 2 walks on. His hair and clothes are a mess
Scout 1: Hey Scout! I don’t know you. What’s your name?
Scout 2: I’m Skittles!

Spotlight on Skits: Unleashing Creativity and Confidence in Scouting

Skits hold a special place in the scouting community, as they not only entertain but also promote camaraderie, teamwork, and creative expression. Through skits, scouts can explore their acting abilities, develop public speaking skills, and bond with their fellow scouts. So, watch the video to discover why skits like the Skittles Skit are an integral part of the scouting experience.


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