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Hunting for Thanksgiving Dinner – Thanksgiving Skit

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving skit for a Pack meeting or a November campout. It is very easy and can be put on with almost any number of Scouts.

Hunting for Dinner Thanksgiving Skit


  • Several empty pizza boxes


  • 3 to 10 Scouts (can be even more if they join in groups)

The Skit

Scout #1 comes out and walks around quietly like he is hunting for something. Scout #2 enters.

Scout #2: “What are you doing?”
Scout #1: “I’m hunting so we can have a nice Thanksgiving dinner.”
Scout #2: “Can I help?”
Scout #1: “Sure!”

Scout #1 and Scout #2 continue hiking and “stalking” around for something. Scout #3 enters.

Scout #3: “What’s going on?”
Scout #2: “Shhh! Be quiet!” (This is really funny when he makes a lot of noise telling the other guy to be quiet.)
Scout #1: “We’re hunting for Thanksgiving dinner.”
Scout #3: “Can I join you?”
Scouts #1 and #2: “Yes.”

In the same manner, more Scouts can enter, inquire about what is going on, and ask to join. Finally, after all have entered, Scout #1 goes and pulls the pizza boxes from a hidden location.

Scout #1: “I got it!”

The other Scouts can all comment something like “Yum pizza!”

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