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Caption Contest Gathering Activity

Last week I posted a gathering activity called “When I Was Young” which works well with a photography or camera theme. Another idea for your gathering activities for these themes is to have a caption contest. This can also be used just for laughs.

Find some photos which are absurd or unusual. These can be photos from your past events or you can even pose some photos.  Put the photos on display at your meeting or banquet with slips of paper next to them.  Put a container next to each photo for the caption. During the gathering time, the Scouts should look at each photo and write a silly caption for it. Then they should put the caption in the container.

After the meeting or banquet starts, have a few parents or youth leaders go through the captions and pick the best three or so for each photo. Then at some time during the event, display each photo with a projector and read the best captions. You can do all of the photos at once or you can just do one at a time to break between other activities.


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