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Mini Cub Scout Handbook (Neckerchief Slides)

Homemade neckerchief slides are a Scouting tradition. John A. (Cubmaster of Pack 528 in Cascade Pacific Council, NW Oregon/SW Washington) sent me this idea for a Cub Scout neckerchief slide which looks like a little Cub Scout handbook.  Thanks John!

If you have an idea you’d like to share,  just send it to me.

Mini Cub Scout Handbook slide.

Nice Slide – and relatively easy to make.

Scan the front, binding, and back of a Cub Scout handbook.

Past the three images together to make one picture/image that is the front side and back of the book in one flat image. Shrink to about 18% and print out in a color printer.

Measure width and height of the printed book cover.

Cut 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick plywood blocks the same size as the cover and use a small amount of white glue to blue the printed cover onto the block, wrapping around the front side and back. Trim if needed.

Cover with a clear varnish. Glue a PVC loop on the back.

Any Cub or Boy scout handbook (or any book) can be shrunk and made into a slide.

Printing on card stock makes a bit better cover, but paper does work OK also.


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