Wolf Neckerchief Slide

Wolf Neckerchief Slide Craft

Homemade neckerchief slides hold a special place in Scouting tradition. In our troop, the Scouts BSA members often use slides they’ve made themselves. There’s something unique and personal about crafting your own slide, and it becomes more than just a piece of uniform. For many scouts, the homemade slides reflect a sense of creativity and individuality.

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Cub Scouts, particularly the Wolves, can also get involved in this tradition by creating a wolf neckerchief slide. It’s an engaging activity that aligns perfectly with Cub Scout adventures. Making these slides offers a fun and hands-on experience, letting them put their creativity to good use while following specific themes.

When working with young scouts, tracing the pattern on the leather makes it easier for them to cut it out. This approach allows them to focus on the craft without getting overwhelmed by the complexity. It’s a method that simplifies the process and ensures success.

Safety should be a priority, especially when using tools like hot glue guns. Webelos might handle hot glue with supervision, but for younger scouts, an adult should do the gluing. It’s all about knowing the kids and what they can handle, and making sure that everyone can participate safely.

Overall, the tradition of making homemade neckerchief slides is more than just a craft; it’s a connection to the larger scouting community. Whether it’s a simple or complex design, the slides bring joy and a sense of belonging to scouts of all ages. It’s a tradition that fosters creativity, teamwork, and pride in one’s work.

Wolf Neckerchief Slide


  • Pieces of leather
  • scissors
  • glue
  • craft eyes
  • black markers
  • hot glue gun
  • pattern (see printable copy above)


  1. Trace the pattern on to the leather pieces
  2. Cut out the leather pieces as traced
  3. Glue on the craft eyes
  4. Draw on nose, ears, and other features
  5. Use the hot glue to glue the ends of the leather strip together to make a loop (diameter should be about ½ inch)
  6. Use hot glue to attach the loop to the back of the wolf head
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Wrapping up a homemade neckerchief slide and seeing the final product is a rewarding experience for both scouts and their leaders. This tradition not only fosters creativity but also builds a sense of connection within the unit. Remember, it’s not about perfection but the shared experience and the memories crafted along the way. With safety in mind and a little guidance, even younger scouts can carry on this cherished tradition, creating something personal and unique that they’ll wear with pride. It’s a small but significant way to strengthen the bond of the Scouting community and carry forward a practice that symbolizes the spirit of Scouting.

More Ideas for Neckerchief Slides and Other Projects

If you’re inspired by the creativity and tradition behind homemade neckerchief slides, you’ll be pleased to know there are even more projects waiting for you to explore. From simple designs for beginners to more intricate creations for seasoned crafters, there’s something for every Scout. Whether you’re looking to continue this engaging activity with your Scouts or try something new on your own, these additional neckerchief slides and other projects offer opportunities to build skills, foster teamwork, and have fun. Click on the link below to discover a world of creativity and make your next Scouting meeting a memorable adventure.

Crafts like homemade Wolf neckerchief slides are integral to the Cub Scouting program because they foster essential values like resourcefulness, creativity, and community. These activities encourage scouts to use their hands and minds to create something from basic materials, teaching them to be inventive and practical. It’s not just about making an object; it’s about the process of thinking creatively and working together. The community aspect comes into play as scouts collaborate on projects, share ideas, and celebrate each other’s achievements. By engaging in these crafts, Cub Scouts are not only having fun but also building skills and values that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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