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When I Was Young Gathering Activity

“When I Was Young” can be used as one of the gathering activities for any meeting centered around a history theme or a photography or cinema theme. This also works well for a Blue and Gold banquet.

Start by collecting photos of all of the adult leaders when they were children. Early grade school photos work well. The best photos have some resemblance to the adult without being completely obvious. Display the photos, each with a number next to it. Then give everyone an answer sheet with corresponding blanks for each photo. Have them write in who they think is in the photo. Younger Cub Scouts will want to work with their parents.

At some point in the meeting or banquet, reveal the answers. The best way to do this is with a slide show presentation of some sort so everybody can see. If possible, show the old photo. Then show the same person currently in a similar pose. Your Scouts will get a big kick out of this, especially if the current photos look a little silly with the same pose.

You can have them turn in the answer sheets before the reveal and have some sort of recognition for those who got the most correct answers. Or you can just let them check their own sheets for fun. Either way, with some fun photos this will add some humor to your meeting or event.


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