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Cub Scout Trading Cards

With baseball season right around the corner, let your Cub Scouts make their own trading cards with “Cub Scout stats”. This Cub Scout craft works great with any sports themed den or pack meeting. It would make a good gathering activity.

The only difficult part is getting the photos of the Cub Scouts beforehand. In a pinch, you could let them put a self-portrait on the card instead of using a photo.

Cub Scout Trading Cards


  • Small photo of each Cub Scout
  • White card stock or construction paper cut to trading card size
  • Pencils
  • Crayons or markers


  1. Paste the photo at the top of the card
  2. Write Cub Scout stats at the bottom – name, birthday, rank, achievements earned, campouts attended, etc.
  3. Add additional decorations with the crayons or markers

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3 responses to “Cub Scout Trading Cards”

  1. Karen Gundlach Avatar
    Karen Gundlach

    I did this with my Webelos scouts. And we had a lot of fun. I had them draw a self portrait. Apperently my boys have mustaches and different names but it was fun any way.

  2.  Avatar

    thank you, this really helped! my scouts would have killed me if they couldnt make trading cards.

  3. anonomyous Avatar

    thank you, this really helped! my scouts would have killed me if they couldnt make trading cards.

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