A drawing with different types of colorful germs and an image of the Wolf Germs Alive! Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

Wolf Germs Alive! Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Wolf Germs Alive Emblem

Wolf Cub Scouts learn about good hygiene while working on the Germs Alive! adventure. They learn how diseases spread and how good habits, like hand washing and covering your mouth when you sneeze, can help keep everyone healthy.

See below for a printable copy of the requirements and resources for completing this adventure.

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Clean house with these additional ideas and related achievements:

sneeze demonstration

Sneeze Demonstration

The sneeze demonstration for the Wolf Germs Alive! adventure involves putting confetti in a balloon, blowing it up, and then popping it. The confetti ends up all spread out, like germs in a sneeze.

mucus demonstration

Mucus Demonstration

For the Germs Alive! mucus demonstration, you make fake “mucus” from borax, warm water, and glue. Then you use something like glitter or cocoa powder to see how the mucus traps small particles.

the germ song

The Germ Song

The child should sing the song while washing his or her hands. When she gets to the end of the song, she knows she has washed her hands long enough to get them clean.

germ transfer demonstration

Germ Transfer Demonstration

This shows a great demonstration for how to show kids how easily germs spread.

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