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Johnny Appleseed Grace (Song)

Today is Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. So in honor of the event, here is a favorite Cub Scout grace – the Johnny Appleseed Grace.

Duty to God is an important part of Scouting, so don’t forget to say grace at Scouting events. This is a non-denominational grace which would be appropriate at any meal. And Cub Scouts always seem to enjoy singing grace rather than saying it.

Learning and singing a song as a grace also fulfills Wolf Elective 11e.

Johnny Appleseed Grace

Oh, the Lord is good to me
And so I thank the Lord
For giving me the things I need
The sun and the rain and the apple seed.
The Lord is good to me.

And every seed that grows
Will grow into a tree,
And one day soon there’ll be apples there,
For everyone in the world to share.
The Lord is good to me.

When I wake up each morning,
I’m happy as can be,
Because I know that with God’s care
The apple trees will still be there.
The Lord’s been good to me.

2 Responses to Johnny Appleseed Grace (Song)

  1. Charlene Kail September 26, 2010 at 8:53 AM #

    I’ve been singing that grace for about 25 years at scout functions. It brings up many great memories. I’ll make sure to include it this Monday at snack time.
    Grandma is scouting again

  2. Chris Sobush October 5, 2010 at 9:17 AM #

    We sang that in Girl Scouts, too. I’m excited to be able to share some of my Girl Scouting memories with my Tiger Cub!

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