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Addams Family Grace (Song)

About the Addams Family Grace

A Scout is Reverent and grace before meals is normally said or sung when together. This Addams Family Grace is a song. The tune is the theme of the Addams Family show. (Hence the name.)

At our kids grade school, the students often get to choose which grace they will say before lunch. When DS’s class was in third or fourth grade they picked this one all of the time.

I think there are additional verses and probably many variations. This short version is easy for Cub Scouts to memorize.

Addams Family Grace

Sing this to the tune of theme of the old Addams Family TV show, snapping fingers where indicated

Da da da dum (snap snap)
Da da da dum (snap snap)
Da da da dum
Da da da dum
Da da da dum (snap snap)

We thank you for this food Lord
For Mom and Dad and You Lord
We thank you for this food Lord
It helps us through the day

Ah – ah – men (snap snap)
Ah – ah – men (snap snap)
Ah – ah – men
Ah – ah – men
Ah – ah – men (snap snap)


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5 responses to “Addams Family Grace (Song)”

  1. Karen Rambo Avatar
    Karen Rambo

    although I don’t think many boys know the Flintstones anymore, another fun grace is to their tune

    God is great and God is good
    so let us thank him for our food
    God is great and God is good
    so let us thank him for our food

    A A A A A Amen
    A A A A A Amen

    God is great and God is good
    so let us thank Him for our
    we’ll thank Him for our
    we thank Him for our food.

    1. Suzanne Avatar

      Here is the version that I grew up with…

      God is great, God is good
      Let us thank him for our food
      By His hands we all are fed
      Thank you Lord for our daily bread


  2. kristine Avatar

    Here is another version – same tune – we use this one for Girl Scouts…

    We thank the Lord for giving
    This food we need for living
    For food and fun and friendship
    We thank thee now oh Lord.

  3. Rick Rambo Avatar
    Rick Rambo

    I have different words for this tune:

    TUNE: The Old Addams Family Theme

    Be present at our table LORD,
    Be here and every where adored.
    These mercies bless and grant that we,
    May love serve and obey Thee.
    Ah-ah-amen (snap-snap)* Ah-ah-amen (snap-snap)* Ah-ah-amen, Ah-ah-amen, Ah-ah-amen (snap-snap)*

    *Note: Cross arms when snapping fingers

  4. Ray Avatar

    My wife is tutoring children at a church day care and many of them come from broken homes. She wanted to give them a cute grace but didn’t want to use “Mom and Dad” in the words, so I suggested:

    We thank you for our food Lord,
    For family friends and you Lord …..

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