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The Fast Food Song

The Fast Food Song is fun for Scouts. It is an action song. It can be used to promote healthy eating and would fit in well with a nutrition themed meeting. Use the song to introduce the topic of fast food like what is mentioned in the song vs, making healthy choices.

Does the Fast Food Song Promote Junk Food?

Sure thing, let’s talk about the catchy and energetic “Fast Food Song” and its potential role in promoting healthy eating habits for Scouts. This action-packed song is a hit among Scouts and with appropriate discussion can serve as a valuable tool in steering the conversation toward nutrition during your meetings.

The “Fast Food Song” is more than just a rhythmic chant; it’s an opportunity to engage Scouts in discussions about making thoughtful food choices. As you lead them through the lively actions – creating a ‘roof’ for “Pizza Hut,” flapping arms like a chicken for “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” and forming the iconic ‘M’ for “McDonald’s” – you’re setting the stage for an engaging conversation about fast food and balanced nutrition.

With its playful melody and repetitive lyrics, the song becomes a natural gateway to introduce the concept of healthy eating. As you go through the actions, you can gently segue into discussing the differences between the foods mentioned in the song and healthier alternatives. Consider touching upon topics like the importance of consuming vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins for their overall well-being.

One key approach is to highlight that while the “Fast Food Song” is undoubtedly fun, it’s also an opportunity to learn. By exploring how fast food can be an occasional treat rather than an everyday choice, Scouts can gain valuable insights into moderation and balanced diets. It’s important to emphasize that the song doesn’t criticize fast food, but rather encourages Scouts to think about their eating habits and make informed decisions.

The Fast Food Song


Go through the actions before you sing the song. When you say “Pizza Hut” make a roof over your head with your hands. When you say “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, flap your arms like a chicken. And when you say “McDonalds”, make an M in front of you with your arms.


If you don’t know the tune, listen to the original song. The link includes the whole song. When we do it with scouts, we only sing the refrain.


A Pizza Hut a Pizza Hut
Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut
A Pizza Hut a Pizza Hut
Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut
McDonalds McDonalds
Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut
McDonalds McDonalds
Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut

The Star Wars Song

The Star Wars song is a cosmic remix of the “Fast Food Song.” With Star Wars-themed lyrics and actions, Scouts can swing imaginary lightsabers for Luke Skywalker, mimic C-3PO’s robot motions, and engage in peekaboo hands for Darth Vader. The lyrics maintain the original rhythm but swap in iconic characters for a fun twist. This adaptation adds interstellar excitement to the mix while keeping the focus on the “Fast Food Song.” So, consider adding the “Star Wars Song” as a celestial bonus to keep Scouts engaged and entertained.

Harmony of Scouting: The Power of Songs

Songs like the “Fast Food Song” have a special role in Scouting, effortlessly merging education with enjoyment. These tunes offer a unique way to tackle important subjects in a light, memorable manner. With catchy melodies and interactive actions, Scouts are immersed in dynamic learning that sparks curiosity and active engagement. The “Fast Food Song,” for instance, provides a relatable context to discuss healthy eating habits. These songs energize meetings while imparting lessons, fostering camaraderie among Scouts. Through this blend of entertainment and education, such songs create a well-rounded, engaging Scouting experience.

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Looking to keep the Scouting spirit alive with more engaging songs like the Fast Food Song? Explore an array of musical resources on the site that are tailored to enhance your Scouting experience. From catchy tunes that foster learning to creative adaptations like the “Star Wars Song,” these musical gems provide a dynamic way to impart valuable lessons. Dive into the rhythm and discover a world where education and enjoyment intertwine seamlessly. Check out our collection of songs for Scouts and let the melodies continue to inspire growth and camaraderie in your Scout meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Fast Food Song

What is the Fast Food Song?

The Fast Food Song is an action-packed song that’s popular among Scouts. It utilizes a catchy tune and engaging actions to create a fun experience while discussing a serious topic – healthy eating habits.

How can I use the Fast Food Song in Scouting?

The Fast Food Song can be a valuable tool to introduce discussions about nutrition during Scout meetings. By incorporating actions like making a ‘roof’ for “Pizza Hut” and flapping arms like a chicken for “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” you can lead Scouts into conversations about healthy food choices.

What’s the purpose of the Fast Food Song?

The song serves as a bridge between enjoyment and education. It provides a relatable context to discuss the differences between fast food and healthier options, promoting an understanding of balanced nutrition and moderation.

Can the Fast Food Song be adapted for different themes?

Absolutely! The beauty of the Fast Food Song lies in its adaptability. You can use the same tune and actions to create variations that fit various themes, such as the “Star Wars Song” with galactic-themed lyrics and actions.

How can I teach the Fast Food Song to Scouts?

You can start by familiarizing yourself with the song’s tune and actions. During meetings, guide Scouts through the actions and lyrics, making it an interactive and memorable experience.

What’s the main takeaway for Scouts from the Fast Food Song?

The Fast Food Song encourages Scouts to think about their food choices and make informed decisions. It’s not about criticizing fast food, but about understanding moderation and the importance of a balanced diet.

Can the Fast Food Song lead to meaningful discussions?

Absolutely. The song can be a stepping stone to explore broader topics, such as the benefits of incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into their diets. It encourages open conversations about making healthier choices.


15 responses to “The Fast Food Song”

  1. Sheila R Avatar
    Sheila R

    I just taught this to my kids over spring break. The girls I learned it from drew a box shape in the air with their hands for Pizza Hut (the pizza box) and for McDonald’s they did an “M” but started in the middle of the middle with their fingers touching and drew arches out.

  2. Healthy Eater Avatar
    Healthy Eater

    Just wondering what in heaven’s name this song has to do with nutrition and healthy choices. Except just to say: “Hey kids, avoid every name on this list if you don’t want to grow obese and get diabetes!”

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      As stated above, after you sing the song, talk about fast food and healthy choices. Use the song as an attention grabber.

  3. Jessica Avatar

    Here’s the 2nd verse to this song:

    A Burger King, A Burger King (make crown on head)
    Long John Silvers and a Burger King. (hand on forehead looking far across the sea for LJS)
    A Burger King, A Burger King.
    Long John Silvers and a Burger King.
    Red Robin, Red Robin. (Make chicken wings and shake your tail feathers)
    Long John Silvers and a Burger King.
    Red Robin, Red Robin.
    Long John Silvers and a Burger King!

    (We talk about all of the bad choices we have out there for unhealthy food. Enough to make a song out of them! We then talk about how we can make healthier choices on a daily basis.)

    For the first verse we make a triangle with our arms outstretched and touch our fingertips to make a piece of pizza, Make the M arch with our hands overhead, make chicken wings and strut or shake our tail feathers for KFC (which is now Kitchen Fried, no longer Kentucky Fried), crown on our heads for Burger King, and the same chicken wings and tail feather shaking for Red Robin. It’s a fun song!!!

  4. ken c Avatar
    ken c

    That is the sickest thing I have ever seen – and I mean sick as in a bad way – what a travesty for this site to promote fake unhealthy food – I would never show that to kids – GROSS SO VERY GROSS!!

    1. Jason Avatar

      Calm down. This is to teach what NOT to eat in a silly way.

      1. Donne Strong Avatar
        Donne Strong

        Thank you for a reasonable response.

  5. Kris Avatar

    This is awful and bizarre, it almost seems like some sort of sneaky advertising / branding – this is just the absolute worst

  6. Bolton Avatar

    I can understand what the people are trying to do with this song. It is NOT to promote these eating places. We are to teach healthy choices and to help the boys understand UNhealthy choices. This is a song that will get their attention and as said above, you can then talk about all the reasons fast food is unhealthy and what healthy choices you can make if you need to eat there, such as the salads, fruit with meal instead of fries, grilled chicken instead of deep fat fried and so on.

  7. Carinna Avatar

    Over 20 years ago I sang this song in scouts. When lots of girls eat nothing but scout food in the woods for weeks on end they like to sing about fast food during their very long hikes. Don’t make more of it then that. All this “promoting healthy choice” parnoia is going to make your children neurotic

  8. David Avatar

    Just a little thing about this though – if you actually look at the words to the verse you’ll see it’s actually quite suggestive, using double entendres a lot and the chorus serves the purpose of stopping it being utter filth…
    Obviously if you only use the chorus then it’s not a problem.

  9. Paula Avatar

    I took my daughter to a Girl Scout informational meeting. When they started singing this song, I wanted to grab my daughter and leave. How offensive, in a country in which kids are developing heart disease and diabetes, to be promoting and giving free advertising to corporate monsters who wish our children to become hooked on their horrible “food”!!! INSANE!!!

  10. john thomson Avatar
    john thomson

    I know I wont be believed but me and 4 friends wrote it around 1990. we wrote it in our music class.

  11. C. Sammy Avatar
    C. Sammy

    Very cool John Thompson, I believe you. Everything starts from something…

    Smaller scale, however similar, my brothers were part of a small crew of teenagers who identified a really awesome skateboarding area in the early 90’s, acres of an abandoned concrete jungle, no one (local skate boarders at least) knew about it or went there at the time. Over time, their crew grew, the word spread and it was packed daily on good weather days. Today, the same location, is one of the most notorious underground skate parks in the United States. In recent visits when I’ve said, “my brother’s were part of the crew who originally found this place and developed it”, essentially unrecognized founders, most were like, “yeah OK, sure”.

    John, you may have grounds for litigation, if you can prove what you’re saying, one way or another, and you can prove someone made financial compensation from it, might be worth looking into. At the least, you should look into having your names receive the official recognition as the creators. This is only if you’re wanting to be associated, it appears many are offended, might be best if you aren’t affiliated… Good luck either way and thanks for sharing.

    1. C Sammy Avatar
      C Sammy

      Want to correct my typo on spelling your name, John Thomson, not Thompson. My apologies

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