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Respect Ceremony for Cub Scouts

This is a simple ceremony which can be used as an opening or a closing for a Cub Scout meeting with the theme of “Respect” which ties in with the Scout Law point of “Courteous”.

For this ceremony, have each Cub Scout read one line. As they say each letter in “Respect” they should hold up a sheet of paper with the letter written on it for all to see. So when they finish, everyone should be able to see that they have spelled out “Respect”.

Respect Ceremony

This month, we think about respect.

R is for remembering the kind things others have done for us

E is for everyone who has a unique talent

S is for self because we must also respect ourselves

P is for peace among nations

E is for ecology which is how we respect our world

C is for community and working together

T is for trusting in each other

So this month let’s try extra hard to show respect to ourselves, to others, and to our world.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


One response to “Respect Ceremony for Cub Scouts”

  1. Dave Mansure Avatar
    Dave Mansure

    great stuff! I was inspired and this is what I wrote for our newsletter this month:

    This month’s core value is “respect” which is defined as; showing regard for the worth of something or someone. This month, and every month thereafter, let’s try extra hard to show respect to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us.

    The best lessons are the ones we teach by way of example. In this competitive, electronic and frenetic world we live, sometimes we forget that we all owe ourselves, and each other, kindness, civility and respect. Please, for the sake of our sons that will quickly be turning into men, (some with families of their own), take this season of giving to slow down and consider what our children learn by watching and listening to the way we treat each other. Our sons and daughters watch everything we do and say. And of course, they turn around and mirror our actions.

    We all hope the best for our children. All of us have, at one point or another, have pledged that we will do all we can to ensure our children have more than we had and become better than we are. Sometimes we forget that this pledge starts at home. It begins in the morning, every morning, as we stand in front of the mirror. Please join me in pledging to always try to do our best to be respectful to others, ostensibly teaching respect to our beloved sons and daughters.

    Wishing you all a warm and cheery holiday season,

    Dave Mansure
    Pack 278, Superior, CO

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