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Shoe Advancement Ceremony

This shoe advancement ceremony highlights that Cub Scouts are growing and filling bigger shoes as they advance along the Cub Scout trail.

You might not need all of the levels in this ceremony. For example, you might not have any Bobcats or any Webelos II. Just adjust it to meet your needs.

Shoe Advancement Ceremony

Hold up baby shoe
Bobcats have taken their first small steps in their Cub Scout careers.
Present awards to Bobcats

Hold up toddler shoe
Tigers have begun walking the Cub Scout trail more steadily. They still need lots of guidance from their adult partners, but they are making their way.
Present awards to Tiger Cubs

Hold up small child shoe
Our Wolves have become more confident in their path. They enjoy running along as Cub Scouts.
Present awards to Wolves

Hold up larger child shoe
Bears know where they want to go and they know how to get there.
Present awards to Bears

Hold up small adult shoe
Webelos I have grown almost as much as they can as Cub Scouts. They are taking steps to get them ready to move on to Scouts BSA
Present awards to Webelos I

Hold up the biggest adult shoe you can find
Webelos II are moving on ahead. They have taken big steps and have almost reached the end of the Cub Scout trail.
Present awards to Webelos II

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