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Outdoor Fun and Fitness Ceremony

This fitness ceremony is based on a poem found in the the Backyard Fun Cub Scout theme. It focuses on several different ways that children can stay fit while playing outside.

I changed some of the words to make it easier for the younger Cub Scouts to say. This fitness poem is designed for a group of kids to say. Have them line up and each one can say one of the paragraphs.

For our pack, we ask one den to do setup, one to do opening, one to do closing, and one to do cleanup. I like to give the den leaders some suggested ceremonies, to make this less work for them. Of course, they are always free to provide their own ceremony. But giving them an out of the box option like this makes it easier if they are busy and don’t have time to come up with something on their own.

The pack meeting plan uses it as a closing ceremony, but it could be inserted anywhere in a Cub Scout meeting as a little break.

Outdoor Fun and Fitness Ceremony

I like playing tag.
It is fun to run and play.
Tag is a great way to exercise,
and have fun along the way.

I like playing ball.
It is fun to throw and run.
Playing catch is a great way to get fit;
it really is such fun.

I like playing frisbee.
It is fun to play with a friend.
This is a type of exercise
that I never want to end.

I like swinging on a swing.
I feel like I can touch a cloud.
I enjoy this type of movement,
and my mom is really proud.

I like relay races.
I run them with my den.
I get strong at Cub Scouts
from now until I am 10.

Playing in the backyard
by myself or with a friend
is a great way to get in shape
and make it easier for me to bend.

Being fit and healthy
is an important thing to me.
If it helps to play outside,
then I say that’s the place to be.

The end.

Backyard Fun Cub Scout Theme

The Backyard fun Cub Scout theme focuses on playing games as a way to improve fitness.

Destination Parks Cub Scout Theme

This theme also focuses on fitness and outdoor activity. Go to a local park and learn how to stay fit there..

Encourage kids to shape up while emphasizing fun

This article from Scouting magazine gives tips for making fitness activities fun. It also has a couple more games.


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