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Inspiration, Cubmaster Minutes, Scoutmaster Minutes

Cubmaster Minutes and Scoutmaster Minutes are an important part of Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) character development program. They provide a platform for leaders to share inspirational thoughts and stories with their scouts, helping them to develop their character and become better citizens.

The BSA’s aim is to provide a values-based program that helps youth develop their character, citizenship, and personal fitness. The Cubmaster Minutes and Scoutmaster Minutes are one of the tools used to achieve this aim. These moments of inspiration are given at the end of a pack meeting or troop meeting, usually lasting only a few minutes. However, these short periods can have a significant impact on a scout’s life.

One of the main focuses of Cubmaster and Scoutmaster Minutes is to teach scouts the importance of character. Character development is a crucial aspect of the BSA program, and it is essential to instill the right values in scouts from an early age. The stories shared during these moments teach scouts about respect, honesty, responsibility, and the importance of doing what is right, even when no one is watching.

Another focus of these minutes is to help scouts develop leadership skills. Leaders often share stories about leaders who have overcome challenges, demonstrated courage, or made a difference in the lives of others. These stories help scouts understand the qualities of good leadership and inspire them to become leaders themselves.

Do you have any minutes or an inspirational stories that you’d like to share? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

Video: The Power of Inspirational Minutes

Cubmaster Minutes and Scoutmaster Minutes are an essential part of the BSA’s character development program. These moments of inspiration help scouts develop their character, leadership skills, and become better citizens. The stories shared during these minutes teach valuable lessons and inspire scouts to make a positive difference in the world.

Cubmaster Minutes

Science and Perseverance cubmaster minute

Science and Perseverance

Here is a brief Cubmaster minute to help Cub Scout understand why perseverance is important. It could also be used as a Scoutmaster minute.


Character education is a part of the Cub Scout program. Here is a brief Cubmaster minute to help Cub Scout understand the meaning of compassion.

Lions or Eagles

Lions or Eagles

This Lions or Eagles Cubmaster Minute presents an opportunity for Cub Scouts to think about the importance of responsibility and trustworthiness. We are all part of a community that values responsibility and trustworthiness. Whether we are Lions just starting out or Eagles at the top of our game, we all have a role to play in taking care of ourselves and helping others.

It’s important to remember that being trustworthy is a lifelong pursuit. Whether we are just starting out as Lions or have soared to great heights as Eagles, we must always strive to do what is right and follow the right paths in life. This means making good choices, treating others with kindness and respect, and taking responsibility for our actions. See the minute.

Scoutmaster Minutes

fresh start scoutmaster minute

Fresh Start

Everybody gets to make mistakes. This can be used as a Scoutmaster Minute to encourage Scouts to look forward to a fresh start rather than focusing on the past.

Only One

Here is a Scoutmaster Minute which reminds us not to focus on the big insurmountable problem. Instead, just do what you can.

Cheerful Service

This can be used around the time of Order of the Arrow elections. It will help the troop remember what they should be basing their votes on and it should help current OA members remember the ideals they should be trying to live up to.

honesty scoutmaster minute


Honesty is an important virtue. This brief inspirational thought can be used as a Scoutmaster minute to remind Scouts that it is better to be honest from the start than to try to cover our mistakes by shading the truth.

Gratitude Scoutmaster Minute 1


Challenge your Scouts BSA to show their gratitude for those who have passed on their ideals by doing more than just saying the Scout Oath and Law, but by living them.

Hope for the Future

When I look at the young men and women I work with in Scouts BSA and Venturing, I have nothing but hope for the future.

boredom scoutmaster minute


This Scoutmaster minute addresses boredom. Why not encourage our Scouts to take that unfilled space in their lives and turn it into something useful?

Minutes for All Ages

Thanksgiving Scoutmaster or Cubmaster Minute


This makes a nice Scoutmaster Minute or Cubmaster Minute or even just a good reflection for a family gathering in the fall. This is based on something in some old BSA program helps.

Threads and Flags

Threads and Flags

As a Cubmaster’s minute, let’s reflect on the powerful symbolism of our US flag, woven together like threads representing our nation’s unity. By honoring the flag, we pay homage to the brave defenders of freedom, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Just like many threads create a strong flag, our strength lies in unity, accomplishing great things together. This flag unites us, transcending our differences and reminding us of the shared values that bind us as a community. So, as we close this gathering, let’s remember that each one of us is a vital thread, contributing to the fabric of a strong and united country.

Gandhi’s Shoe

This Cubmaster or Scoutmaster minute uses a story about Gandhi to demonstrate what being cheerful and having a positive attitude means. For Cub Scouts, you could even have a few den chiefs act this out while you tell the story.

Make a Difference to One

Make a Difference to One

This Make a Difference to One Minute can be used as a Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor Minute or it can be used with adults to encourage more participation in the Committee.

Brave Pioneers Cubmaster Minute

Brave Pioneers

A Cubmaster or Scoutmaster minute about the brave pioneers who journeyed to the wild West seeking adventure and new opportunities, facing challenges such as harsh weather and unfriendly natives. One of the most famous pioneers was Sacagawea, who helped explorers navigate through the unknown territories of the West. Their bravery and determination continue to inspire us today, reminding us of the timeless qualities of perseverance and community spirit.


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