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Magic Words Ceremony

This is a ceremony from an old roundtable handout. It would fit with any meeting where Cub Scouts working on improving their manners or are learning that words matter. Use it as a closing ceremony.

Magic Words Ceremony


  • Signs with words on them—”Thank you,” “Please,””You’re welcome,” “Excuse me,” “Have a nice day”

The Ceremony

Group Leader: There is a very special kind of magic here tonight.It is the magic of words.

Scouts come to the front, each with their own sign.

Scout 1: Please.

Scout  2: Thank you.

Scout  3: You’re welcome.

Scout  4: Excuse me.

Scout  5: Have a nice day

Group Leader: These are simple words, but important words that tell someone else that you are appreciative, courteous and thoughtful. Add kind deeds to the magic of words and the possibilities are unlimited. As you leave our meeting tonight, I encourage you to remember these magic words and use them daily to add magic to your lives.


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