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Scouts BSA Youth Leadership Positions

When it comes to running a Scouts BSA Troop, the adults are there to guide and advise, but the real leaders are the youth themselves. This is a fundamental principle of the Scouts BSA program, which aims to help young people develop leadership skills, self-reliance, and a sense of responsibility. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various youth leadership positions in a Scouts BSA Troop and what each role entails.

In all of these youth leadership positions, the youth leaders are supported by adult leaders such as the Scoutmaster and members of the Troop Committee. The adults provide guidance and resources to help the youth leaders carry out their program, but they do not run the Troop themselves. This is an important distinction, as it helps ensure that the Troop is truly youth-led and that the Scouts themselves are responsible for their own growth and development.

By giving young people the opportunity to lead by serving in youth leadership positions, Scouts BSA helps prepare them for a lifetime of leadership and service. Whether they go on to become CEOs, elected officials, or community volunteers, the skills and values they learn in Scouting will serve them well throughout their lives. So the next time you see a Scouts BSA Troop in action, remember that it’s the youth leaders who are making it all happen.

List of Scouts BSA Youth Leadership Positions

See below for some suggested guidelines for explaining the various Scouts BSA youth leadership positions. Please note these are only an example. Adjust them to fit your unit’s needs.

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