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Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Description and Self Evaluation

The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM) position is a youth leadership role within the Scouts BSA program. As a JASM, they will work closely with adult Scoutmasters and other experienced leaders to help plan and lead activities for the troop, mentor younger scouts, and learn valuable leadership skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster patch to be worn on the Scouts BSA uniform.

To become a JASM, candidates must meet certain requirements. First, they must be at least 16 years old. They must also be recommended by their Scoutmaster and have shown outstanding leadership skills.

One of the primary responsibilities of a JASM could be to help plan and lead troop meetings and activities. This might include organizing campouts, hiking trips, or other outdoor adventures, as well as helping to teach younger scouts important skills like knot-tying, first aid, and fire-building. They will work closely with adult leaders to ensure that these activities are safe, fun, and educational for everyone involved.

In addition to leading activities, a JASM also serves as a mentor and role model to younger scouts. They will have the opportunity to teach them important life skills and help them navigate the challenges of growing up. This is a great opportunity to develop their leadership skills and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Being a JASM is also a great way to prepare for future leadership roles within the Scouts BSA program. Upon their 18th birthday, a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is eligible to become an assistant Scoutmaster. The leadership experience gained will help them build confidence, develop their communication and teamwork skills, and prepare them for success in their future endeavors.

The description below represents an example of the requirements and expectations for this position in one troop. Specifics can vary from one troop to another.

The printable copy also includes a self evaluation form for the position on the second page. Youth leaders might benefit from self evaluating during their term. If you use this, then keep it positive with them. It should only be used to help them recognize areas they should be working on.

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Qualifications and Duties

This is just an example. Adjust as needed to meet the size, customs, and needs of your unit.


  • Appointed by Scoutmaster
  • At least 16 years old (a BSA requirement)
  • Has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills

Reports to: Scoutmaster

Trained by: Scoutmaster

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Duties:

  • Function as an Assistant Scoutmaster (except for leadership responsibilities reserved for adults 18 years of age or older).
  • Accomplish any duties assigned by the Scoutmaster.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before the start of troop meetings.
  • Participate in outings, service projects, events, etc. Attendance expectation 50%
  • Attend troop meetings. Attendance expectation 50%
  • Set a good example.
  • Wear the field uniform (class A) correctly to all regular troop meetings and religious services.
  • Wear the activity uniform (class B t-shirt) to all outings and other troop activities.
  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Show Scout spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does JASM stand for in Scouting?

JASM stands for Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is a youth member of a Scouts BSA Troop who serves in the capacity of an Assistant Scoutmaster except where legal age and maturity are required. He must be at least 16 years old and not yet 18. He is appointed by the Scoutmaster because of his demonstrated leadership ability.

Is there a minimum age or rank requirement for Junior Assistant Scoutmaster?

According to the BSA, a Scout at least 16 years of age who has shown outstanding leadership skills may be appointed by the Scoutmaster to serve as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM). 


2 responses to “Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Description and Self Evaluation”

  1. Laura Mifflin Avatar
    Laura Mifflin

    I have a 16 year old son who is a Life Scout. He has attended NYLT and held the SPL position as well as others within his own troop. I am beginning a new girl’s troop in a completely different district. Would he be eligible, with permission from his Scoutmaster, to become a Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster to the girl’s troop? He would of course have to fulfil the training online and possibly IOLS, complete the YPT and abide by the 2 deep leadership rules, but would he be eligible?

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is a youth leadership position, not an adult position. So it does not count towards two deep leadership. And it is filled by a member of the unit. So a male youth could not serve in this position for a female troop. It would be like making a young man an SPL for a girls troop. When he turns 18, then he could be an Assistant Scoutmaster for the female troop, with the appropriate training.

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