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Registering a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

Reader Michael sent in this question:

How do I go about registering an Eagle Scout in my troop as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster?

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is a youth position. Therefore, if the Scout is already registered in your troop as a youth member, there is no need for any additional registration.

If the Eagle Scout is already 18 years old, then he should be registered as an adult in the troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster. He will need to take the BSA youth protection course. In our council, ASMs must also attend Boy Scout Leader Specific Training and Introduction to Outdoor Skills. I am not sure if that is a council expectation or a BSA requirement though. Check with your local council.

In either case, this Eagle Scout can serve as a mentor and resource for the youth leaders in your troop. The Scouts in our troop really relate well to young adults who fill the roles of ASM and JASM.


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